New technologies Bosch WAE2447FPL washing machine

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Bosch WAE2447FPL washing machine, like the other models of this company, delivers superior washing performance with very low consumption of energy and water, as evidenced by positive feedback from owners, a distinctive feature of the model is a system of VarioPerfect.

Washing machines, equipped with VarioPerfect, allow the user to select between normal, very fast, to 60% faster than standard washing and washing with economical energy consumption. If necessary, quick wash, you must select the Time Perfect and, in the case of selecting the cleaning more cost effective and efficient — ecoPerfect, selecting this option reduces energy consumption by 30%. Selecting any of the options provides high-quality washing of any type of fabric.

WAE2447FPL model engineers used a system of Aqua Spar, which provides constant and intensive moistening the fabric during washing. Thanks to the triple, asymmetrical and evenly moisten the tissue improves the efficiency of washing.

Bosch WAE2447FPL washing machine has automatic weighing system. This system detects the weight of the washing and adjusts the time. This optimizes the consumption of water and electricity, depending on the size of the download. Thanks to the system, a smaller load of laundry takes less time and is more economical.

Due to the complex balance of automatic control, underwear in the drum evenly that prevents possible damage to the washing machine in the spin cycle and also significantly reduces the noise generated when working centrifuges. The system recognizes the lack of balance things in the drum, and a few attempts of soft rotation distributes Below in the drum. If the underwear will be wrong, the process of extraction is carried out with less intensity or altogether canceled.

In order to ensure the maximum security unit, model WAE2447FPL is equipped with a Bosch multistage protection system against flooding and overflowing. The system provides a secure water supply to the washing machine, thanks to the use of the hose, pressure test, several times more than the standard pressure in the plumbing. The system also includes the electric door lock and the washer.

design of Bosch WAE2447FPL washing machine

Bosch WAE2447FPL washing machine has a side loading, large door with a diameter of 30 cm and 180° opening angle facilitates this process. The added convenience of a light drum.

On the left side of the control panel is the dispenser drawer has three compartments: means for the washing, the water softener, stain removers and brighteners. Washing machine has a special box for liquid detergents.

Washing machine is equipped with an indicator and reports about using too much detergent. The information appears in the display. The indicator enables you to optimally and, at the same time, economical use of detergents.

In the middle of the bar is a large led display and control sensors, select washing program is administered through the programmer knob located on the right side of the control panel.

New technologies Bosch WAE2447FPL washing machine

The Bosch model WAE2447FPL is equipped with a touch panel Touch Control, that is used to run the additional functions of washing, washing temperature changes, as well as the intensity of the rotation. Selection is carried out through a light touch, and the washing parameters specified by the user are displayed on the big screen, which also shows the time remaining until the end of the wash cycle.

Washing program

The Bosch model WAE2447FPL has 10 standard programs. For cotton and synthetics are also available to prewash program.

Cotton is a program allows you to wash a strong cotton and linen fabrics that are resistant to high temperature water. Standard washing temperature is 60° c, but can be increased up to 90° c, which is especially important when washing heavily soiled cotton fabrics.

Anty Allergia is a program designed for the washing of fabrics expendable. Designed especially for tissue in contact with the skin, especially sensitive. The program has a longer washing cycle at higher than standard, water consumption, and also has an additional rinse cycle.
Family Mix – a versatile program that allows joint wash fabrics of cotton and synthetic fibers.
Family Jeans – wash dark fabrics of cotton and synthetics.

Family Sports – a program designed for the washing of sportswear and leisure, made ​​of microfiber.
Shirts / sweatshirts – designed for washing clothes and shirts made ​​of cotton, linen, synthetic and blended fabrics.

Wool – gentle program to prevent shrinkage of woolen goods. Suitable wool lens and with significant impurity wool, including suitable for manual washing. As part of the increased range of washing, which allows the fabric to lie down in the wash solution. Thus, the washing process takes place very smoothly without damaging clothes. The program is designed for washing fabrics of wool animal origin, such as angora, llama, alpaca, sheep, goats.

Super short 15 – fast program, in which the wash cycle only takes 15 minutes, intended for washing a small amount of lightly soiled clothes.

In addition, Bosch WAE2447FPL washing machine allows the execution of independent integrity of the washing process steps: rinse, spin and pumping (pumping) of water.

The washing machine has a function Aqua Plus. Selecting this option leads to consumption of an additional 2 L of water during rinsing, thereby increasing its strength, thus providing a perfect removal of residual detergent from the laundered clothes. This option can be used when washing baby clothes, allergies or people with sensitive skin.

Through the use of a model protection function folds causing specific movement of the drum, the laundry repeatedly changes its position in the drum. Movement of the drum when spinning laid clothing which significantly reduces the amount of wrinkling.

Bosch WAE2447FPL washing machine has a function determining the end of the wash. Thanks to it, you can specify the time at which the wash to be completed – the system sets the projected duration of the selected wash program and start it at a time that it will be completed in the time specified by the user.

Summarizing say that simplicity, convenience and functionality – the main advantages of the Bosch WAE2447FPL washing machine, as used in the product protection provides a safe and secure operation.

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