No quality of dishwashe dishes

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It is quite common for users to complain about poor washing up. The reason often lies in the fact that the mode of operation was incorrectly set, but sometimes there is also the fault of the machine due to clogging of injectors or other annoying faults.
The entire calculation of the quality of washing is based on the injectors of the rocker. The flow rate sometimes exceeds 150 km/h, due to the strong pressure these basic elements of the work zone rotate and knock down elastic jets all the dirt and food residues from the dishes.

The main causes of weak pressure are:

clogging of holes on the rockers;
The filter is clogged with coarse or fine cleaning – because of this, the right amount of water is not returned to the tank to ensure normal pressure;

Temporary wear of the diaper pump, so it can’t give out normal pressure;

No quality of dishwashe dishes

small engine revs due to wear and beat.
Cleaning the nozzles on the rockers is not a big deal for any user, it does not require physical strength, on the contrary – it is better not to apply it when removing the fragile product. Rinse the holes with running water, if there are foreign inflections – remove gently with a toothpick.
Mistress on a note! The more leftovers you remove from the plates before laying them in baskets, the less often filters and holes of injectors will be clogged without requiring urgent repairs.


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