Oil heaters for apartments and houses

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Oil heaters for apartments and houses

Oil heaters distribute heat by heating the oil and the metal surface to dissipate heat is directed in all directions .

Such radiator is an electric battery with oil instead of water. The device has the same metal edges like a normal radiator central heating . Room heating is gradual, the warmest spot – right next to the heater.

There are oil heaters with a timer . The device will be turned on and off in a strictly specified time. For example , an hour before you came home from work and 15 minutes after departure .

Conclusion: a heater with a timer you can never turn off . It will obediently follow the laid down a program that you install .

Care for the radiator is quite simple , it does not require special maintenance. Can not be used for cleaning abrasives and solvents . The dust should be washed with a soft dry cloth. But, of course , do not forget to turn off this device from the wall outlet and wait until the heater has cooled.

Our advice :

– Do not use the device in the bathroom, the shower or in the pool, it’s still an electrical appliance in a humid room and it is better not to ;
– Do not use the heater for drying clothes : the hot air can not rise freely , the unit may overheat ;
– Do not put the power cord to a hot heater – a plastic cord may melt ;
– The device should be in the upright position : it is arranged so that the heating element is at the bottom and is designed for a certain amount of oil pressure ;
– Due to the high surface temperature (110 – 150 ° C ), the device must be kept away from the fusible product and at a distance closer than 50 cm from the furniture and other items;
– Do not use the unit in a space of less than 4 x 2 m : radiant heat radiator even with the small number of sections is not designed for small spaces;
– Do not use an extension cord : during operation , it may overheat .


– Fireproof ;
– Quickly and efficiently heats the air ;
– Silent ;
– Controlled by thermostat and timer , some models do not require a shutdown.


– Surface temperature of 110-150 ° C does not allow free to touch the device and place it next to the fusible objects.

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