One way to understand why consumers buy this product

One way to understand why consumers buy this product In the category Buying and selling Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about One way to understand why consumers buy this product.

Any product range of perceived consumer properties. A quick but difficult for the stomach and the tool will run slower, but the “softness” of the stomach. One way to understand why consumers buy this product and no other major characteristics that define the comparison option that allows you to see the product placement diagram. It consists of many properties as possible (rising prices and the threat of use, etc) only two: softness and efficiency, which, in the opinion of consumers, are the most important. The density of these properties are designated as numeric values on a scale of 1 to 5. Inverted diagram closer to each other than they look in the eyes of consumers and meet the same needs. So we can assume that vice versa will turn more people or return.

Consumer opinion of each of the perfect combination of properties will appear in the point on the map and gives the idea that many consumers would like to buy, which combines high smoothness upper high efficiency), even though none of the brands currently do not consider how to combine all of these characteristics. And you can take this opportunity. The company must be able to produce a product that buyers consider soft and effective, perhaps, competitors were not able to release this because he never found a way to produce it. Should provide the market price willing to pay for it. If the production costs would be prohibitive, can not go goods in the market because of its high price. When all of the conditions listed above can company serving the interests of the market and make a profit. She revealed the plot unmet consumer needs and tries to please her.

If the company is not in a position to seize the opportunity, it’s their branding as a result of higher category, indicating that a higher efficiency of Tylenol, and give it a higher price. Or to be elected as the basis for your GPS any goods from many of its properties, which, in the opinion of a large number of consumers is important and desirable and that insufficient in DM competitors.
Site market providing the product does not cause doubts, distinctly different from the other, the desired location in the market and in the minds of consumers.

Developing a marketing mix. Deciding on positioning of their product, the company will begin planning the details of the marketing mix. Marketing mix-set verifiable variables, the totality of which the company uses to try to evoke the desired response from the target market.
In marketing mix includes everything a company that can take to influence the demand for their products. Many opportunities are combined in four major groups: product, price, distribution methods and incentives.

One way to understand why consumers buy this product

Product-group “products and services”, which provide target company market. New housing could prove to be a “commodity” in the form of 50 white tablets in a dark green bottle with a CAP, which would not be able to open children, 3-year shelf life, entitled “freedom” in the case of insurance money and dissatisfaction with the buyer.

Price is the amount of money that the consumer must pay for goods. The company offers retail and wholesale prices, reduced prices and discounts, selling on credit.

Distribution methods-all kinds of activities, through which the product becomes available to consumers.

Methods of stimulation of activity of the company is to publish information on the merits of his product and persuade target consumers to buy it.

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