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Operating Rules Cooktop – Electric stove is one of the top assistants in the kitchen during cooking. Year by year, improved technology , new models , significantly surpassing the previous functionally . However, despite the improved design and new features , the underlying mechanism and operating in the general electric stoves , so common mistakes that people make when dealing with them. It is these violations are most often the cause of failure of electrical engineering.

Subject to the necessary measures for the maintenance and operation, ordinary electric stove should last at least 15 years. Particular attention should be paid timely and grease contaminate the surface of a thorough implementation of the rules of care.

Electric stove better cleaned daily , then cleaning will not be easy. If the plate is not washed for several days , then burn up food waste to its surface. Clean it by conventional means is difficult , and if you use this metal objects and sandpaper , you can damage the enamel .

Leftover food will corrode and create a gap between the hob and the bottom of the dishes. Therefore, the extent of contamination burners should be cleaned carefully removing these residues .

The very first time an electric stove with salt and washed with soap and water immediately after the installation process. This is done in order to wash grease , all of which are covered cooking appliance . After washing the plate wiped dry and include burners and oven on high power for about 40 minutes. At full capacity burners Cooktop without installing them include cookware is not recommended.

1. Do not use the dishes, the bottom of which becomes wet – there corrosion. Electric stoves imported metal brushes can not be washed – so erased corrosion protection . To prevent corrosion , occasionally need to lubricate the surface burners conventional oil. Do not try to scrub yellowness occurring on an electric – it is a natural change in coverage over time.

2 . One of the main rules manual electric cookers is that you will use cookware that has a flat bottom with a diameter equal to or slightly larger diameter hot plate .

3 . Housing made ​​of cast iron burners , which is quite fragile and requires careful handling . When heated in the housing of burners the thermal stresses occur which are greater the higher the temperature . They lead to cracking of the burners .

In order to prevent cracking – no need to include the burner at full capacity with no utensils ! If for any reason the burner was still turned on and warmed hot, it should be switched off immediately and let it cool down . It is not necessary to cool the burners using a pan with cold water !
4 . No need to put or even throw on fragile electrorings too heavy objects , since the deformation of the surface – it also contributes to the detrimental effect on the electric stove heating elements . Short circuit may occur between the housing unit and the heating element or pin output contact can be a bad contact between the pin and the excretory attached thereto end of the heating element.

5 . Protect the burners from the dish with a wet bottom – it causes them to intensive corrosion . Dishes smaller diameter and with an uneven bottom burners causes overheating , which reduces its lifetime and increases energy consumption.

6. Require careful handling, connecting cord and plug cookers – do not bend the wire in a junction with a plug or wire to take up rather than block forks, when you turn off the plate.

7. Never use electric stove as a heater .

Electric can rightfully be called a real helper in the kitchen , so it should be treated with respect , and it will last for many years. If there was a breakdown electric cooker , do not rush yourself to unwind and try to repair it – people without proper qualifications will only aggravate the situation and may harm not only an electric stove , but in more severe consequences .

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