order execution works repair cottage

order execution works repair cottage In the category Household repairs Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about order execution works repair cottage.

order execution works repair cottage –¬†Performed overhaul cottage on a strict plan. This plan includes a series of mandatory steps. In each stage, a specific list of works. Of course, everything will depend on the wishes of each individual customer. For example: the plan has a stage as repair, installation of suspended ceiling, but if the service is not required, then this kind of work simply excluded.

VAR cottages will be offered milestones for repair and their components

First Stage – the preparatory stage, where space is prepared for repair. In particular imposed furniture and debris. If redevelopment is the desire of the customer, then made the dismantling of some walls, and installation of new walls. Installing a new water system, central heating radiator, power cable is laid. Starts with the surfaces of ceilings, walls, floors. Workers begin plastering. Where scheduled ceramic tile, stack it. Upon customer request is under floor heating system. Installing new doors and windows, air conditioning systems.

Second Stage – an intermediate step of preparing the surface of walls and ceilings. Executed painting, wallpapering, wall decoration, installation and decoration baseboards. At customer installed suspended ceilings. Install decorative niches, window sills.

order execution works repair cottage

Replacement of sockets, plumbing is an important part of this stage

Step Three – the final stage, performed “restoring gloss.” This stage can be called pleasant and creative. Because amended and installed new furniture, carpeting selected, hung curtains, lamps or chandeliers. Any ideas for a spectacular lighting rooms in the cottage will be realized in the life of light – the designer.

The final interior design specialists completed: a accessories and souvenirs on the shelves, add “flavor” that create individuality and originality. At this stage also establishes a system of surveillance and alarm systems.

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