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With paper-based vinyl wallpapers, the adhesive (paste) is applied to each strip and it must then be left to soak in. With non-woven-based vinyl wallpapers, the adhesive is applied directly to the wall and no soaking time is required. The wallpaper can be put up on the wall as soon as it has been cut to the correct length. In addition, fleece wallpapers can be removed very easily, as entire strips come off the wall without leaving any traces behind and without the need to soak them first. Paper-based wallpapers are available with the following characteristics: “Remove after soaking” or “Remove in a dry state”.
Original vinyl wallpaper – Returning to their walls, you get tired of looking at dull, gray , old wallpaper , which for several years now decorate the room , and also boredom , sadness, no wound , and so want to heat the rainbow of colors , then you should pay attention to the original wallpaper . This is a great choice to add flavor to the interior, to dilute the internal atmosphere . To change the wallpaper , not necessarily venturing overhaul. Enough to spend a day or two to your walls have changed dramatically for the better. For example : a very elegant and original solution for home walls vinyl wallpaper can be under the skin . Because the skin has long been ornate walls of the houses nobles .

In addition, the original vinyl wallpaper can be presented in different colors , with or without decoration . Namely original wallpaper with rhinestones, with stereoscopic effect , under Venetian plaster skin of reptiles, and other equally colorful varieties . These wallpapers can decorate any interior. Vinyl original wallpaper made ​​on the basis of paper and non-woven fabrics . Excellent hide any irregularities , defects in the walls textured vinyl wallpaper , which also have a high density , resistance to deformation , and are highly durable. Qualities such vinyl wallpaper is very popular and in great demand. After all, they have combined all the best qualities .

I should also add that vinyl is water , and the surface of the wallpaper can be cleaned with a damp sponge fell ill . And in order to make the walls breathe , many manufacturers produce vinyl wallpaper with small pores. Pores are so small that they are quite noticeable only when strongly look closely, you can find on the surface of the walls of small bumps .

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