Overheating laptop and how to fix it

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Overheating laptop and how to fix it –¬†Laptops today are firmly in our lives , and their number is growing every day . Laptops have become thanks to new high-performance chips , which are increasingly packed with transistors . Also, do not play a minor role multicore processors, which are more productive , the number of cores which increased from one to 16. Powerful gaming graphics card allowed us to see , play, work on large screens with high resolution , Full HD for example. Maximum resolution which can be up to 1920 pixels h1080 . However , for all these benefits , you must pay that during operation leads to overheating laptop . Therefore should not be delayed , since cleaning laptops from dust in Minsk is not very expensive service .

Why laptop is more prone to overheating than desktop?

There are two main reasons why laptops are more prone to overheating than desktop computers . First, laptops are small in size than desktop computers , and all electronic components are mounted inside a tightly. Since they are closer to each other and the laptop case is thin , there is not much space for the CPU, motherboard, video card , etc.

Of course, laptop manufacturers are aware of this , and they provided a lot of useful things inside the notebook , which should keep all this heat . Therefore, fans, radiators and vents constantly involved to properly cool all components of the laptop while it is running .

Sometimes, though, it is simply not enough. Overheating can occur when the fan is not working properly or there is some other hardware problem. However, in most cases, it is the fault of the user than the laptop manufacturer . Since any laptop , after 1 – 2 years of operation , it is necessary to make prevention – cleaning notebook from dust.

How do you know that your laptop is overheating?

A sure sign that your laptop gets too hot when its fan is always running at top speed . You can watch a decrease in performance , speed , hang on and off and so on. This occurs because the processor truncates its clock frequency in order to avoid overheating. A sudden shutdown the laptop to prevent damage to the equipment , in simple terms , so that nothing is burned.

Overheating laptop and how to fix it

How to prevent overheating ?

Therefore, one of the best ways to prevent overheating your laptop – it’s just time to take care of him , to make prevention . If you notice that the laptop was not the right to work , “fail ” , hang, do the following simple steps:
make sure that the laptop fans are working properly . This will require special diagnostic software because the disclosure of the laptop can void the warranty . To do this, go to the web- site of your laptop manufacturer , model, and find it to see whether there is a special diagnostic utility Fan- fan , then download and install them . If such tools you can not find , it does not matter , you can not take advantage of other less popular utilities (PC WIZARD, AIDA64, HWMonitor, Everest , etc.)

and try to find their own laptop to clean the vents . Most laptops use air flow to help with the cooling of all components. They have vent holes adjacent to the front housing part and the rear panel are output vents. Dust and debris can block these holes and obstruct air flow . Probably the easiest way to clean the vents , use a can of compressed air ( air purifier ) . A more sophisticated approach is to disassemble the laptop. It will take time , diligence , certain knowledge , skills, and , of course, a special tool . However , it is better to refer to specialists in the service center that they can perform this procedure professionally.

check your BIOS ( requires some knowledge) . There are software settings that tell the laptop or computer when it is too hot and the temperature at which a laptop should work. Sometimes , manufacturers releasing new update BIOS, which provide new settings temperature, voltage , thereby helping to optimize notebook cooling. You can visit the web- site of your laptop manufacturer , model, and find it to see if there is updating the BIOS. But, be careful , BIOS is a complex software system upgrade than conventional operating system and can lead to complete failure of the laptop. If knowledge is not enough , it is better to refer to specialists in the service center .

Although all modern laptops very hot , there are a few ways to help prevent overheating and failures :

carefully to operate your notebook : Do not use a laptop in the sun, do not close the radiator and air vents , and never leave it near a heat source . Any mild surface impedes the flow of air, which may lead to overheating and heat notebook.

Give your laptop a little break. When you notice that the laptop gets very hot , save documents , close unneeded programs and give him a break for 30-60 minutes , so that he could cool off.

make sure that the laptop would vents are not blocked

do not use your laptop on a soft surface such as a bed , a blanket , etc. They are easy to cover the ventilation holes keep heat inside the notebook , power adapter.

If you do not use your laptop ( for example, when you are asleep ) , turn it off and give it a few hours to cool internal components .

You can use additional cooling , for example, just put a book on the laptop case without closing the vents . Or buy cooling pad with USB powered , which will prevent rapid heating .

If you want to keep your laptop , take these precautions and do not let your laptop overheat to the point of tripping laptop. It was hard to actually harm your computer. If the data failures become regular, you should immediately contact a service technician to help you solve this problem.

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