Overview manufacturers of liquid wallpaper

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Overview manufacturers of liquid wallpaper – Sooner or later everyone’s life there comes a time when you want to change the surroundings and add to the world a little paint . Faced with such a difficult task as the repair , many people from a range of finishing materials prefer wallpaper .

Wallpaper on the market there are always new varieties , and the choice of colors and textures will not leave anyone indifferent. However, if the apartment complex layout, abounding ledges , corners and uneven surfaces , wall-paper wallpaper conventional paper or mounting wall panels can be a real nuisance . Real salvation can become liquid wallpaper . Yet not all people know about this technology developed by French scientists .

Liquid wallpaper is a mixture of cotton and silk fibers , dyes, pulp and glue. In stores this material is available in dry and liquid form . There are three groups of liquid wallpaper : silk- cellulose , silk and cellulose . The first two categories are more expensive , but have a superior performance . They are resistant to light, very beautiful and will please the owner immaculate appearance many years .

Liquid wallpaper have antistatic properties, they are not combustible , made ​​from natural ingredients and are therefore suitable for decoration or as ancillary office and residential premises. If you plan to use liquid wallpaper in the bathroom or kitchen, where elevated levels of humidity, after applying wallpaper worth treat their surface paint, in order to extend the life .

An interesting advantage of liquid wallpaper is their suitability for repair : for example, if there was a spot on the wall , their child has painted or scratched cat claws , you can simply detach from the wall of the damaged area and apply a new layer. To wallpapers not differ in color , experts recommend using a mixture of one of the same batch – the material can be frozen and stored in the refrigerator just in case.

General information on applying liquid wallpaper

Before you apply the selected liquid wall surface and wall and ceiling must be cleaned of old plaster or wallpaper . If you see that there are areas affected by mold , they need to treat antifungal primer and dry thoroughly . After that, the wall is applied waterproof primer . Remember that if you correctly prepare the surface , then after drying caused wallpaper may appear unsightly yellow stains . Liquid wallpaper can be applied on the metallic surface – a pipe or batteries, but they must be pre- insulated against moisture, as they can quickly become rusty .

Do not operate the liquid wallpaper in the room air temperature is below 10 degrees. If you have purchased is not ready , and dry wallpaper , they need to pour into a separate container and add the ingredients in accordance with the recommendation . Mix well – it should be smooth , be careful to weight ratio wallpaper and water were correct , otherwise the weight will be too thick or liquid , and you simply can not put it on the wall . Wallpaper applied with a roller or spatula , spread evenly over the surface. Dry these wallpapers 12-72 hours .

Overview manufacturers of liquid wallpaper

Senideco. The French company , which is popular in many countries worldwide . In France, this product is called decorative wainscoting, nicknamed ” liquid wallpaper ” gave the Russians . These wallpapers are characterized by impeccable texture, high quality and attractive appearance. It is the first company that started producing such an unusual and modern range of coating consists of about 150 colors. The wallpaper includes mica, cellulose adhesive mixture and dyes . The price of this product is not cheap, but the quality is worth it.

Liquid wallpaper Cotex. Manufacturer of decorative coatings based on cotton, too, is France. These liquid wallpaper you open limitless design possibilities. The composition comprises cotton fibers, binders, dyes and water. This wallpaper can be applied to any surface, but you need to know one thing: before applying the wall or ceiling to be treated oil primer, otherwise the coating will pull dirt and dust from the wall surface. Bring dirt from the surface of wallpaper can be using spotters intended for cotton materials. The price is certainly higher than that of domestic producers, but the quality does not compare.

Silkcoat. Liquid wallpaper made by the Turkish company. The market of finishing materials this product appeared in 1993 and has since enjoyed great popularity. Products are safe from the ecological point of view, high-quality, light, while the cost of liquid wallpaper is much lower than the French counterparts. Primer for wallpaper should be based on acrylic binders, allowed water-dispersible formulations. To make the surface shine and moisture resistance, need varnish-fixer.

Bayramix koza. Liquid wallpaper made in Turkey. The previous version, they differ other colors and more affordable cost. This product has good performance and quality, although inferior to more expensive French counterparts.

Liquid wallpaper Silk Plaster. brand that is already 15 years in the market of finishing materials, liquid wallpaper offering lower prices than foreign brands. The wallpaper silk fibers, dyes, cellulose adhesive mixture. They are resistant to the direct rays of light, moisture. In line presents a wide range of colors, even designer colors that are more expensive.

Stenol. brand liquid wallpaper. Foundation product is a dry mixture of cellulose, thickeners, colorants, additives noncombustible acting as binders. Cellulose produced from hardwood trees growing in the Arkhangelsk region. These wallpapers are slow-materials, so they can even be used in the repair of the so-called escape routes, housing. Coating “Stenol” can be used for leveling and insulating walls, applied with a rolling roller – rubber or foam rubber.

Danish plaster. This is one of the oldest manufacturers of liquid wallpaper on the Russian market. Products at an affordable price and high quality. However, the liquid wallpaper based on cellulose has one drawback – low resistance to light, over time, these materials may burn. In addition, the company rarely updates its range of products, and if we consider considerable competition and an abundance of new solutions – this represents a significant challenge. With this you will be able to achieve any color using a decorative addition, without the services of specialists. Decorations made by means of rollers, allowed to use this brand of liquid wallpaper in rooms with high humidity, but on the surface it is necessary to apply a coat of varnish.

Do not forget the liquid wallpaper are very popular with today’s buyers, so the market has a lot of fakes that are not of high quality. Besides unattractive appearance, they can pose a threat to health as are made from recycled materials. Be careful when buying finishing materials only give preference to well-known brands, and do not hesitate to ask the sellers to present certificates and documents.

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