How To Paint An Exterior Wooden Door [video]

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How To Paint An Exterior Wooden Door, How to paint wooden doors, If you want to paint your own door, remove the door to start with canvas loops. For convenience, pre-prepare a place for work. It can be place in the garage, shed, spare room. Next, we must remove all: lock, hinges, handles (if any). Sometimes, because of the carpets on the floor, there is a need to cut the door and it can be hand-held circular saw.

To conduct the operation safely, attach to the door or line level. Without markup you can not exactly cut, is Checked. After all the preparations you need to start grinding leaf. Quality painting depends on how you door. In today’s world for polishing using special grinding machines, connected to a vacuum cleaner in order to remain in the room clean.
In this paper we apply gr grinding can be 150-ku. More remote places grind by hand, but Pay special attention to corners. Once polished door cloth, wipe it with a damp sponge to remove dust.

How To Paint An Exterior Wooden Door

Woodie’s DIY will show you how to paint an exterior wooden door. This is an easy way to brighten up the entrance to your home.

The next step we take with wood putty and lay all the damage on the doors that are going to paint. Once you have closed all visible damage and putty dried, grind again. Second time operation with putty could be repeated in cases where the damage to the door pronounced.

Scraping Paint Off Of A Wooden Door

This is Daniel Vitale using a Stortz 2″ Triangle paint scraper to remove paint from a door in Society Hill, Philadelphia.

Applying a special primer on wood, primed the entire surface of the door. Better pass all angles. A smooth and large areas allowed to pass roller. Preferably not blot all the doors brush: it leaves not a good and rough texture. Next coat can be sanded, after complete drying, 140 gr paper CCW or CCW-150. Then proceed to paint the door. Watching paint that you bought and prefer better paint door once or twice. By following these tips, you can paint the door by your self, while it is best to use paper 150.

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