How to paint the walls a roller

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How to paint the walls a roller

Paint the surface of the wall may even one person who has not previously encountered types of house painting works. Do not forget that before painting the walls must be well cleaned . By this occupation should be taken very carefully .

There should also be respected technology surface treatment. Otherwise, the result will not meet your expectations. For that you need to cook a roller, brush , emery cloth , paint, construction tape and primer. Before you paint the surface , it is necessary to check whether all the necessary tools you have at hand. When choosing a roller to focus on the kind of surface .

If your house is uneven walls or on the wallpaper has a pattern that heavily favored , you will need a long nap roller . If the walls are smooth, you can use short nap roller . It can be made of natural materials. Do not forget the brush, spatula and construction tape. All this you can buy in the store building materials. All surfaces that are not subject to color construction cover film. Spatula you have to remove the old paint from the walls and clean up the surface with emery cloth .

How to Paint Walls : Even Coat When Painting With Roller

If the walls are pasted wallpaper , you do not need it at all . They can simply be primed . The walls without wallpaper primed only after treatment with a spatula and sandpaper. If you do not have to buy the primer , you can use diluted wallpaper paste . The proportions should be indicated on the packaging. In this matter, it all depends on the manufacturer. Once you are primed with a wall , you need to wait for them to dry completely. It is not recommended to apply water-based paint on a wet surface . The fact that it can be peeled or not go smoothly.

In a special tray , pour a small amount of paint. In this bath soak roll . Be careful not to stain the floor. Begin painting the best of the room. Once you have painted the wall, you can move on to the corners . To do this, use a brush . Do all the work alone roll you do not succeed . The fact that it is not able to paint over the area near the ceiling and the skirting. Once dry walls , which can be applied to another layer of paint. This must be done if the color in some places turned out not flat. After priming the walls to install a laminate 33rd class, and then start pasting wallpaper.

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