Perfect cork flooring

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Perfect cork flooring – Cork thick and is used as a stopper. The basic amount of reserves plugs located in Portugal , so the first factory processing plug appeared there. Although 50% of cork products manufactured in Portugal , there are other firms in different countries that produce cork products .

To get the raw materials for the products , the trees are not harmed . The bark of the tree is removed carefully. From one tree every 10 years is going to bark . Material used carefully and rationally in the manufacture of floor coverings of cork . From the same material produced wine cork .

Benefits of cork coating

For good sound insulation and heat conservation , protection against vibration suitable cork . The walls and floor trim using a cork. On the wall finishing cork flooring , click here.

The material has a structure similar to a honeycomb. It contains a set of closed air particles of different sizes , they are tightly compressed and impregnated cork material. This structure is similar to the thermal insulator , sound absorbers and spring. Therefore, cork floors are well able to keep warm and avoid contact with extraneous noise. When walking through properties such footfall is almost inaudible .

Decorating the walls of cork flooring

Heavy furniture or short press Heel leaves its mark , but a short time later cork back its original form , since it has a shock-absorbing properties. Also this coating beneficially affect the musculoskeletal system of man.

Because cork is waterproof , even the direct effect of water on the floor is not such harm him .

Do cork cover long life , because it is resistant to deformation and abrasion, and care for not prove difficult . This floor is not slippery .
Natural cork produce several types of coverage.
– ” Sticky ” coating. Such flooring consists of tiles that are glued onto the entire surface of a base.

– “Floating” floors. Like the laminate have grooves for interconnection . To the base of these panels do not stick .

“Floating” floors are divided into ” glue ” and ” glueless “. This coupling method between the names of them.

Coatings ” glueless ” have grooves , which are closed with one another at the joint. Such a bond is fast, easy , and it is reliable . This type of binding allows, if necessary , raise the floor and put it again. As soon as laying over, you can walk on it .

” Glue ” connections on the spot ” thorn-groove ” adhere to one another .
Pressed cork used on all natural cork coatings thus obtained multilayer products . But the structure of “floating” and “glue” different coatings .

Firms producing flooring made ​​all new collections that differ from one another in their finishing, structure, system bond between himself and the floor and sizes. Such as flooring its diverse colors and patterns. Each type of flooring has its interesting name received by the manufacturer .

With outdoor cork flooring we got . If you decide to redecorate the house , you can also Application cork wallpaper on the wall. Cork wallpaper – a practical natural material that has recently enjoyed great popularity. Making the walls and floor in the same style , you ‘ll be pleasantly surprised , because the interior of your home will be trusted , beautiful and exquisite .

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