How to have perfect hair – from curly to straight and vice versa

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Some women would want a straight hair if you have straight hair and curls, they would like to play a bit with the curly. Everything is possible if you know how to apply the technique to have perfect hair, regardless of its type.

Tips to take care and change your hair type

It is already well-known: people who have straight hair, want to have with curls, and vice versa. But there are ways to have the best of both worlds, if you just apply the best hair care tips and you can, thus, modify its appearance to taste.

Let’s look at this note some good and useful tips to achieve this.

Basic for all types of hair care

The hair is easy to maintain, if it is that you’ve found the key to find the products that best benefit you. Keep it hydrated all the time, and clean with good quality hair products. Remember that quality is not only the most advertised brands; visit your stylist and ask his advice about some alternative brands to recommend, or you look at which product uses he or she and buy it at the wholesale dealership supplies for hairdressers and beauty salons.

Try to avoid damaging your hair with curlers, plates or other artifacts (such as brushes or damaging Combs) just to make it look good one day. If you use them, do you first hair treatment with masks, and accompanies the use with special oils that protect it from the heat and friction.

Instead of using the curler, he prefers old and dear plastic or foam rubber rollers.

How to wear curls if you have straight hair

If you have straight hair, try to dry it in the air or hairdryer without diffusing, to avoid cracking it. Comb with gentiles, and fine combs with teeth coated tips.

How to have perfect hair – from curly to straight and vice versa

If you want to look some curls occasionally, you can wash it and then apply cream to comb curly hair, forming loops with your fingers while drying, and “creasing” the hair with your hands (taking it to fist closed against the scalp) to highlight the natural waves. Instead of using the curling iron, prefers the old and beloved plastic or foam rubber rollers and blow-dry it not so hot.

How to change curly hair to straight

Curly hair has to be cleaned with specific products, and must be always nourished and hydrated so that the curls look bright and spectacular. When drying, let dry air or diffusing hair dryer, to avoid stretching the hair and deforming waves or curls. This, in addition, will give a sensational volume.

If you occasionally want to wear your curly hair straight, you will surely need a hair straightener. Use a good quality, modern ceramic plates, and not the old metal plates that burn the hair.

First rinse, then dry it with towel and a little dryer, constantly combing it for straightening. Ends dry with the dryer facing up, while you comb with a fine comb, and only then give the finishing touch with the hair straightener.