Do it yourself planning a spa bar at home reviews

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Organizing a spa bar at home Also, a good effect is achieved by covering the entire surface of the floor or the wall with wooden elements, or in combination with ceramics and stone. If you love natural materials that recreate the atmosphere of the environment, then the tree in combination with stone is the perfect choice for you. You no longer have to worry about whether the tree is especially resistant to moisture, because the material used for the bath is protected with a waterproof film. You will be surprised how much you can contribute is the tree in your bathroom.

Glass is another element that will transform your boring bathroom into a luxury spa. If you do not worry about annoying or nosy neighbors, place the glass wall of the bathroom which overlooks the garden. Large panoramic Windows would also be out of work. So you will have continuous contact with nature, while at the same time, enjoy the comfort of your bathroom.

Watch this video to learn how to planning a spa bar at home

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