Plumbing repairs in the apartment

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Plumbing repairs in the apartment – a complex event of partial or complete replacement of the basic units and water and sewage networks , installing new plumbing and various appliances . As a rule, most of the work falls on the repair bathroom and kitchen , because in them the main focus of communication, which are the basis of all work . Their list included the replacement or repair of cold and hot water supply, sewerage , stop and control valves , and various pipes .

When replacing risers sewerage and water supply should be considered an important point of intervention in the whole house utilities that requires the involvement of the relevant services , for permission to transfer and disable the main nodes.

Prior to the work should be pre- estimate the degree of wear of networks , devices , make a list of the necessary components . Then you need to decide with plastic pipes , their manufacturer required diameter and length , choose collectors , ball valves on the water inlet valves, ball valves for connecting individual devices , filters , water meters, liner , etc. This list indicative , however, in each case, it may be supplemented by materials and equipment.

Today bathroom may require the purchase of various equipment and devices . According to the degree of affordability now often easier and cheaper to buy a new plumbing, than to repair the old one. Domestic and foreign manufacturers offer a large selection of baths ( cast iron , acrylic, steel , whirlpool or conventional ) , shells ( porcelain , glass , stone and etc. ) . A wide range of showers , washing machines and toilets can complicate the choice even professional. You should also consider buying a boiler, water filters , towel – dryers , etc.

With so many different devices and equipment may change the requirements for design and installation of water supply and sanitation in the entire apartment . The primary measure of quality designed system is the absence of fluctuations in water pressure. Correct calculation done by pressurizing the water at some point in the apartment, so that the correctness of the water will depend on the selection of other devices. For example , the pressure of the water supply in a shower can depend directly on the kitchen tap open . That did not happen like that, it is necessary to increase the diameter of advance supply pipes and water consumption every single point to provide a separate pipe ( on the fan wiring diagram ) . The pin is performed by modern plastic pipes , which are production standards are designed to operate at supply temperature of 95 degrees and a pressure of 10 atmospheres. Durability and reliability of the pipes can be increased by reducing the number of connections .

Plumbing repairs in the apartment

Increase the life of plumbing can be applying decontamination , and providing an additional opportunity to adjust the water pressure. For this pre-established coarse filter , pressure regulator and a system of valves. Pressure reducer reliably protect plumbing hydraulic shock and increase line pressure . Calculated pressure for different nodes of the connection is to a maximum of four pressure atmosphere, which put up the gear for special gauge.

When replacing the riser is most appropriate to replace them full from floor to ceiling . For this stage, you can use metal and plastic or galvanized pipe . Fully Mure risers are not recommended , as in the future, perhaps they need to be repaired or cleaned . Sewer pipes are laid with a slope of 4% in the direction of the main duct , preventing a large number of turns. When connecting the supply of electrical machines ( dishwasher , washing machine , automatic dryer , boiler) must use a special electrical cable for wet rooms. All devices are connected through the device (RCD ) and be sure the ground wire .

When repair of apartments , usually being replaced tap in the bathroom or kitchen. The mixer is used for mixing hot and cold water . Direct appointment mixers – the water supply is the correct temperature and pressure needed . Modern faucets are equipped with thermostats , special pressure compensators and automatic photocell , etc. It is advisable to choose a few different types of mixers separately for each device.

Plumbing repairs in the living room is a very important important procedure , since the quality of this type of work depends on the reliability and durability of not only the bathrooms and kitchen , and all the repairs in the apartment.

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