Popular manufacturers of drainage systems

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The main assignments of modern drainage systems are: solving the task of collecting and removing different types of liquids; avoid over watering the walls and other structural elements of the building. Modern construction market forces provide an enormous amount of drainage systems, the main difference is the material of manufacture. Many companies still continue to improve its products, thereby increasing its functionality and aesthetics.


When choosing a set of interest, you should know that the most economic one is plastic. one of the best-known brands worldwide, which specializes in the manufacture of this type of systems. Design feature of these products is considered to be the use of special rubber seal that exclude the need for adding the glue, and the presence of coupling special designs conceals any connection and, simultaneously, provides compensation gap.

Also, drainage systems are characterized by the grooves of the semicircular shape and adjustable angles, allowing you to securely attach elements of drainage on complex areas. There is another, not less popular firm that has Polish origin. The patented design of this company is zagnuta, both inside and outside edge of the gutter that prevents overflow of water over the edge with strong rains.

Drainage systems, the basic material of manufacturing which are steel, produced by the Swedish company. The highlight of their products is considered a polymer coating that increases resistance to adverse atmospheric factors and gives the surface a glossy appearance. Constituent elements of design are designed to the last detail, so their installation is very simple. In addition, complete systems are special adjustable brackets, which significantly affect the convenience of installation.

Duplex coating with a high-quality polyester plays a significant role in popularity data drainage systems, since such a constructive solution provides the following benefits as resistance to ultraviolet radiation, environmental friendliness and the possibility of applying paint formulations.

The presence of the valves internal type provides a lightweight and durable mounting of all components and special accessories for drain pipes are suitable for wooden walls and brick.

The German company specializes in production of drainage systems from natural copper. This decision is the most expensive, but also the most durable. Despite the fact that similar gutters to pull its roots from the distant past, they have not lost their relevance in our days.

Popular manufacturers of drainage systems

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