Premature grey hair causes and treatment

Premature grey hair causes and treatment In the category Hair Care Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about Premature grey hair causes and treatment.

Modern lifestyle which is a permanent tension, especially in large cities, determines human health. Constant stress, rush, poor environmental conditions, poor nutrition-all this adversely affects appearance: leather dims, hair, split ends are often appears premature graying.

In most cases, the graying, is the result of depletion of melanocytes-cells of the skin, the main function of which is to produce the pigment melanin. Although this process is natural and appears with age, it can also occur due to genetic predisposition. Therefore, some people have gray hair may not occur and in 50 years, while others occur in adolescence.


Termination of the melanocytes pigment accumulation can occur for other reasons, e.g. due to lack of vitamin B12 or the amino acid Tyrosine. Therefore, the appearance of early white hair quite common among vegetarians and lovers of diets. No vitamin B12 nor tyrosine, which enters in the complement proteins, vegetable products, or more precisely, it’s so small that replenish their stock, not eating protein foods, it is virtually impossible.

In addition to the above causes premature demeanor can be: chemotherapy, severe nervous shock, hormonal imbalance, anemia, hyperthyroidism, Vitiligo, kidney disease, the use of poor-quality hair color and styling tools, long stay in the Sun without headgear, hot styling and even habit to wash my hair excessively hot water.

In any case, if the gray hair started early, better make an appointment with a doctor and carry out the necessary analyses. Experts say that every third case of early graying are fully reversible. There are cases when the depigmentation of hair occurs, for example, due to shortage of copper in the body. It is important to know, because copper was needed not only for the bright hair color, but also for the beauty of our skin, the strength of blood vessels and for the formation of red blood cells. If the reason for the early gray hair in the lack of copper, it is sufficient to start to use the missing substance in the form of a medicinal product and add to a ration containing its products.

Premature grey hair causes and treatment

In 2009 year, scientists at the University of Bradford, it was found that the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles also causes thinning hair and gray hair. They also found that the enzyme catalase neutralizes the hydrogen peroxide and gets hair natural pigment. This explains the effectiveness of used treatment method for centuries gray onion juice. Even before the invention of hair dye herbalists have recommended their patients for the treatment of gray hair rubbed onion juice in hair roots. Modern research has shown that the onion is rich with just the catalase which breaks down hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen. To achieve the effect in onion juice add lemon juice and rub the mixture into the scalp daily.

In some cases, completely restore natural pigment of the hair helps the additional intake of folic acid paraaminobensana and as well as homeopathic remedies: likopodiom, tireoidinum, grafites.

To slow the progression of gray hair recommend to use biotin. Foods rich in biotin: egg yolks, tomatoes, yeast, soy beans, walnuts, carrots, cow and goat milk, cucumber, oats, almonds.

For temporary camouflage gray folk medicine recommends to rinse the hair infusion of Sage and Rosemary, which adds color. Half cup of Rosemary and half a cup of Sage tea is poured 2 gallons of boiling water and boil to simmer for 30 minutes. filter and rinse the hair after shampooing 1 times per week.

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