Preventive maintenance and repair injection engines

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Preventive maintenance and repair of the electric fuel pump in the fuel injection engines .

In older carbureted cars such there were no problems with the gasoline pump . They are usually just broke down the diaphragm , which is responsible for the direct pumping of gasoline in the carburetor float chamber . This spell , easy and safe. If the diaphragm is thus torn , it was enough to make out a mechanical pump that works directly with the engine crankshaft to replace my old torn diaphragm with a new one all over again put together by hand, using the handle to pump gasoline and the car again easily start.

But the situation with the modern cars that have fuel injected engines , everything is much more complicated. In our time, the speed and power of the electric fuel pump will depend on the needs of the engine. All electric fuel pumps are working under the strict control of the electronic engine control unit , which can take into account multiple factors at once : the ratio of air to fuel ratio , throttle position and the concentration of gases in the exhaust system .

Electric fuel pump can be heard . As soon as the driver starts to turn the ignition key , the first thing I turn on fuel pump , which is usually located in the fuel bake.Eto done to ensure that at high revs , petrol can lubricate all components of the mechanical part of the electric fuel pump .

Preventive maintenance and repair injection engines

If it does not, then the fuel pump is burned . This unfortunate circumstance occurs when the gasoline pump has to run dry , that is in the tank when there is no petrol. No wonder , all professionals in one voice say that if you want to save gasoline pump in the fuel-injected engine , you definitely need to try to ride with a full tank . It becomes even more uphill when the nose of the car ride up , and the fuel pump ( the car “Nexia” things in this way) , with a lack of fuel, remains open.

To fuel pump was not consumed , it is recommended to refuel before getting a full tank. But sometimes even with a full tank of petrol pump can burn . This happens when the fuel cap goes down, that is, it is too tight to her neck , preventing atmospheric air pressure to stabilize . What if this happens ? The automobile makes a certain number of miles and … gets up. It takes quite a bit of time, it can start the engine again and again to pass a certain number of kilometers. But if at the same time try to open the fuel cap ( it will open with great difficulty ) , then we can feel and hear the air whistling goes into the gas tank . In other words , electric fuel pumps burn from that of the fuel tank and a vacuum motor becomes extremely difficult to push fuel through its nodes .

If you pour the poor-quality fuel , such as gasoline pumps are easily damaged . Quite often, electric fuel pumps break the ice , which formed in the fuel tank of condensation build up on the walls. This occurred because the driver negligent attitude to the health of its injection engine . If the fuel tank in the winter to leave the parking lot half empty , there are risks that the air in the tank will freeze and the ice gets into the electric impeller pump.

If it is suspected that the car recently filled low-quality fuel is recommended for cleaning the strainer , which is in front of the fuel pump . If such a procedure carried out with surprising regularity , you can extend the life of the electric fuel pump to the stated parameters – 12,000 hours of operation. But this is quite rare. And it will be useful after intensive operation when the quality of gasoline falls worse than ever, the fuel system completely cleaned of any deposits, which certainly has managed to accumulate over the winter period .


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