Procedure for work performed during repair apartments

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Procedure for work performed during repair apartments – If you decide to repair their apartments to professionals , then be sure you are doing the right way . Nevertheless , you need to be sure that the repairs completed on time , in addition to this it is necessary to know all the steps, including repair. Everyone understands that the time to perform all the work it takes a lot . Suddenly could not update the interior trim of the whole apartment . And therefore it is necessary to conduct a variety of activities peculiar rules. That’s about it and discuss in this article .

Apartment renovation and redevelopment is divided into four main phases

The first stage – the preparatory activities. At this stage, the room ready for the upcoming repair are clearing all surfaces – floors, walls, ceilings. Then dismantle the “unnecessary” design wall – exceptions are the load-bearing walls . Finish this step – release the space of debris .

The second stage – the rough finish . Upon completion of the dismantling begins installation of partitions , fit new wiring, filed plasterboard or plastered walls and ceilings , and then be cement- sand screed and finally laid floor heating . Also at this stage focuses on water supply and sewerage systems – is distributing pipes, gears and install filters , transferred risers heating, hot and cold water . At the end of this stage , if you plan to put a new door installation made ​​front door, double glazing installation , and at the request of the host weighed only external air conditioner unit . But the indoor unit air conditioner installed later .

Procedure for work performed during repair apartments


Third stage – an intermediate stage finishes. Before you begin to carry out the following work , you should already know all sizes of kitchen furniture and sanitary ware. This stage includes the installation Enclosures , sophisticated design ceilings and decorative niches , laying low voltage cables , reinforcement mesh walls and ceilings, putty and sanding walls and ceilings, the floor if necessary laying plywood. Also in this stage, there are also works as heating appliances , laying tile , installing a heated towel rail .

Fourth stage – is the completion of finishing. This stage is the last course lasts less than the previous stages , but this step transforms your apartment . Because this phase involves laying parquet or laminate , the final painting of walls and ceilings , wallpapering , installing baseboards. Install interior doors , locks, finish work electricity and lighting , install plumbing and built-in furniture , and set the indoor unit air conditioner.

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