pros and cons of cork flooring

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pros and cons of cork flooring

Cork flooring , which is also called floating , can be a great decoration for any apartment. This is a very aesthetic material with some unusual properties. It is a tile that is easy enough to be mounted on the PVA glue . They are made from the bark of the cork oak. In the upper part of the production process the bark carefully crushed , heated in a special furnace and pressed. The resulting porous material called suberin .

Cork veneer pasted over the top , and the bottom sheet of fiberboard. One of the main advantages of such floors are considered high quality sound insulation . Because of this they are often used in prefabricated houses . In addition, suberin retains heat well .

Another quality that makes this coating is popular with home owners can call his aesthetic . Tiles are made of several colors . In this case, floating floors have attractive natural pattern. They go perfectly with almost any interior design.

Because cork tile is non-slip and has a moisture resistance, it is often used as the flooring in the kitchen. It is ideal for the bedroom, as it is very “quiet” stuff. When walking on such a floor is not so much the sound of steps. A good solution is to use it in the children’s room. Walking on this floor is very useful for the joints , as it is slightly springy , which leads to the removal of the load off your feet.

Perfect cork flooring

Another distinctive feature of the sex of suberin can be called its durability . In addition, this material is almost non-aging and does not lose its decorative qualities for many years. Rotting he also is not subject to as early as the manufacturing process is impregnated with special compounds which protect against this . In addition, the processing is carried out by insects and mildew . There are such floors are very expensive, but fully justify its price. There are of course , and they have flaws, but not too serious . For example , it is very hard to put furniture on them is not recommended, because the plug , not withstanding the heavy weight , deformed, and under the legs are formed dents. However, suberin has the ability to regain its shape . Therefore it is not too deep pits eventually straightened , and the surface becomes smooth again .

Cork floors are definitely worth to choose the flooring to owners who live in prefabricated Houses with poor sound insulation. A good solution would be to buy them and for housing with cold floors. It is necessary to establish a cover and just in order to get a high-quality finish with excellent decorative properties.

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