How to protect your BSNL WiFi Internet

How to protect your BSNL WiFi Internet In the category General computer maintenance Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about How to protect your BSNL WiFi Internet.

How to protect your BSNL WiFi Internet – Hi all, we are all under the threat of terror , as we use unprotected WiFi at home or in the office.

In recent attack on the city of Ahmedabad , Mumbai and many other cities in India have been built and many treaths e-mail was sent through unsecured WiFi networks independently.

Many innocent people from the corporate level and the individual level were taken to the police station , as the IP- address is compatible with the IP- addresses of treath emails sent . This was due to an unprotected system WiFi.

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So if you are using WiFi to the Internet you need to protect it right now to avoid any problems that could ruin your life.

Unprotected or Wi-Fi without the proper encryption can be used anyone coming to its range , who comes to your WiFi range can use the Internet without your knowledge while you get a heavy amount of the bill and problems.

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So I will tell you how to protect your system WiFi BSNL.

How to put a username and password , as well as in encrption BSNL WiFi Internet system . It is very EAY, follow these steps:

1. First log in

2 . Enter username and password

3 . Default username and password admin / admin

4 . Now click on the wireless

5 . Under Wireless link you will see the Basic link, click on the link Basic

6. Tick Enable Wireless

7. Enter any name in the SSID and click Save / apply

8. Once you have done these steps , click on the security link

9. Here under option WEP Encrption, make it Enabled

10 . Thus, you will see some more input fields

11. Now Select 128bit security and network key 1

12. Enter your network key in the first field

13. The network key should be 13 Hexa digits ie (AZ ) (0-9 ) For example : ABCDEFGHZRQ98, sensitive letters

14. After entering the settings , click Save / apply

So here you go , your Wi-Fi network of BSNL is safe and secure.

Now go to your network connections and look for wireless Network, you will see your name entered in the SSID, click on the name of the enter key 13 digit and relax and surf the secure and hassle-free internet.

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