Protect Windows with nets

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Protect Windows with networks hold the process of penetration of intruders in your home. This is due to the fact that Windows is far worse than the front door. The most common type of window protection is playing. They need to be installed on Windows, where the lighter tracks in your home. For example, the Windows in the basement and basement Windows in the ground floor, close to the drain pipe.

Windows should be designed for evacuation in case of fire to play with internal locks.

Bars playing with a thickness of less than 10 mm are ineffective. It is best to use rods up to 20 mm with separate 120 mm. To make Windows protect the metal from beautiful species may use different motifs in the form of petals, flowers, etc.

Networks can better protect fitted on both sides with exterior Windows and inside.

To install frameless gates in the wall must go in the wall design is 100 mm or more. Shall not exceed the distance between the wall and the 120 mm bars. For the production of matrices can be round or hexagonal rods box.

Protect Windows with nets

How to make Windows protection network? Consider for example a lattice. You take the metal corner width 30 mm and cook with the frame. Then the welding rods 15 mm. You should cook the rods to form squares or diamonds with eyes of up to 120 mm. The frame should match the size of the window opening and sit with him closely. To install the framework used crutches in increments of 500 mm, drill the wall at 100-120 mm.


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