Protecting the external taps from cold

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It is important to know to do so since if they freeze, lines become more susceptible to damage and breakdown. This is due to water in the taps and pipes expands, making that they also expand, and also because it taps and pipes frozen drastically increase the pressure of the water. It is this dramatic increase in the pressure of the water, particularly in areas where there is little or no ice formation, causing the bobbins and frozen pipes to break.

To prevent this from happening, one must know how to protect external faucets from freezing. While the ideal is to maintain faucets and pipes away from the cold to prevent that they freeze, outside faucets tend to not be easy to relocate. As an alternative, you should insulate it well. It is recommended to wrap outside faucets with various insulating materials, as for example with a cloth or thick cloth. It can also be very useful to isolate the faucet by wrapping it in a garbage bag and seal it with twine or string.

It is also said that if dropped some drops of the bobbin, it helps to protect them from Frost, along with other associated risks. Allow faucets to drip, not only prevents freezing but it also alleviates somewhat the pressure of water that may reach be to accumulate inside the bobbin and mains. Although usually one search that faucets don’t drip, in this case is recommended. If the bobbin does not leak, just leave it open to continue easing in pressure.

Protecting the external taps from cold

A way to ensure the protection of its faucets and pipes from outside against freeze-up is turn off the main valve. This means that no t-shirt water pipes, or by bobbin, so there will be no water that freezes. To completely drain water from plumbing systems, turn on all faucets after turning off the main valve so the water left inside the bobbin and pipes to be expelled.

If you suspect that any of your taps or pipes this frozen, call a plumber or a mechanic. Let the bobbin on though nothing of it out. If you decide to try to thaw the bobbin on your own, be sure to not use direct heat such as fire. You may damage the bobbin and cause worse problems. On the other hand, use the heat from a hair dryer to thaw. Anyway, do what can to prevent that they freeze.

Before the start of the winter, be sure to know how to protect them. Well prepare to close the main valve and to isolate the Quills. Take extra precautions and efforts will be worth the penalty.

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