Protection of personal data on the computer

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Protection of personal data on the computer –¬†Statistics show that more than 40% of computer users each year lose important data and some very simple solutions that you can easily do to protect your computer or laptop from the loss of important data.

Simple built- in operating system backup method

In Windows 7 and Vista:

Start -> Control Panel -> Backup and Restore – > Backup files and then simply follow the on-screen prompts . Recommended that you choose to backup external hard drive. If you do not have an external hard drive , you can store backups on DVD. Keep the DVD discs in a safe place at room temperature and away from sunlight .

In Windows XP: Protection of personal data

Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Backup and follow the prompts on the screen and the same rules as in Windows 7 and Vista.

It is also possible to back up files on a schedule. A good option is to save the data every week, so that any new information will be safely stored.
If you follow the above advice , you will make a great step to protect your data from loss or failure.

Note: backup files on your PC is because the hard drive can fail and fail, and can also be damaged operating system you are using. If you make a backup to an external hard drive , you also run the risk , as well as the hard disk of your computer , though to a lesser extent . Protection of personal data The ideal option for creating backups are DVD discs, as statistics show that they are kept from 20 to 25 years, depending on usage. To backup your files is recommended to get the best quality discs from famous brands.

Simple precautions to help serve your hard disk for a long time :

One of the reasons for failure or hard drive failure is a surge in the electricity network. In order to protect not only the hard drive of your computer , but also the power supply , motherboard and other expensive parts of the computer , it is best to connect your computer to a good surge protector . Surge protectors have a value from 10 to 200 dollars. Protection of personal data Just remember that you get what you pay for. More expensive filters can withstand higher voltage spike , the less expensive , and they may have additional features to protect your computer.

Protection of personal data on the computer

Of course , the best option is to buy a voltage stabilizer for computer equipment , which is also integrated mains filter . In this case, you get maximum protection from surges in the network and network interference.

Also, if you use your computer , not a laptop , you should consider buying an uninterruptible power supply that will protect your computer in case of a power outage. When using UPS , you will have enough time to save all your unfinished tasks on the computer and turn it off for normal , if you for some reason at the time of shut off electricity .

Do I need something else?

If you are looking for a more robust solution for storing important data and backup files, you most likely are interested in online services for data backup.
At the moment there are quite a lot of such services on the Internet and they compete with each other on the part of the money. I would not recommend that you use the services cost $ 20 more per month. Also, before entering into the agreement, well read the contract and especially those lines that are written in small print . Since it may be that a small price to use the service – it’s advertising campaign , and a month later , you may have to pay significantly more.

The above guidelines will help you to decide on the method you choose for yourself for backup and storage of data on your computer.

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