What proves the occurrence of the damage or injury

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It is important to know that the insurance company may require witnesses to substantiate the claim. This directory when you provide documentation of claims, with thorough and detailed reports the fact, stating the time, place and exact circumstances of the accident; the name, address and driver’s license who was driving the car; if there are other valid insurance for the same vehicle, the names and addresses of any witnesses, if the insured’s interest; the police report if the driver out of the vehicle’s original documents in case of theft, and social security number and driver’s license at the time of the incident.

Eventually, the insurance company may request other documents or additional information. Useful information to expedite the payment of compensation: name, address, telephone and e-mail for all drivers and passengers involved make model vehicle; per vehicle; investment drivers; names and references to officers and employees of the emergency service, if possible. It is common for insurance companies to make the validation level, seeking to eliminate the possibility of cheating.

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