Where to put the microwave in the kitchen

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Where to put the microwave in the kitchen – No microwave ovens is difficult to imagine a modern kitchen . After purchasing the main question – where to put the microwave in the kitchen? That is how well this device will be installed depends on the safety and comfort of the household.

1. Microwave oven can not be placed next to a gas and electric cooker due to the fact that the condensate is able to penetrate into the touchpad and provoke its breakage.

2 . Television standing in the vicinity of the microwave oven will operate with interference .

3 . Do not place the microwave oven on the fridge . Microwave has quite a lot of weight and is able to harm him . In addition , the vibration coming from the refrigerator , can damage the oven . On top of all refrigerators often quite high up and very difficult to get a microwave .

4 . Microwave oven is best to put on the window sill , of course, if it is sufficiently wide . However, the most suitable place for the furnace is specially mounted niche located in the kitchen. If no niche , microwave can be put on the kitchen table. To free up more space on your desktop , you can set the oven for specially adapted for this purpose containers holders .

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