How putty ceiling and walls

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How putty ceiling and walls

Filling is the process of applying to the ceiling and walls of a special blend . With it you can quickly and easily align the surface. For interior decoration, if you plan to buy suspended ceilings and their subsequent installation, use gypsum-based plaster . For that you need a ladder , putty , carpenter’s level , angular profile and sandpaper.

Before you apply the putty , you need to thoroughly clean the surface of old plaster , paint fumes and dust. Next, apply a special primer that has a deep penetration .

All this will provide antimicrobial and antibacterial protection . There will also be increased adhesive properties of the surface. The soil must be applied in a single layer using a roller . The mixture should be evenly distributed over the entire surface . It is best to start putty from the ceiling. If necessary, you can use the ladder . The dry mixture dilute according to instructions .

If you have purchased a ready-mix , then plant it is not necessary. It is well stirred stick. The ceiling should be treated not too thick mixture. Putty to 2-3 stages. After applying each layer must be well grind the surface with sandpaper. If the ceiling in your room flat , for its processing, you can use a special spray . If the surface is curved , has hammered together or cracked , it will take extra efforts to solve the problem. On the ceiling to attach a special glass cloth mesh.

This material is capable of holding a large amount of putty . Before you start Scratch , carefully inspect the corners. Make them perfectly straight can be using the angular profile . It needs to be secure and well filled. The angle can be checked with a spirit level . Likewise, you can align the arches, sills and window openings . Also, when you can use a corner trowel .

How putty ceiling and walls

If you plan to stick to the wall wallpaper , the layers should be several. Minor irregularities will hide the texture and pattern of wallpaper. If the walls are ready for painting, it is necessary to complete putty smooth the surface . You should begin with large cavities and chips. After the mixture is dried , a new layer can be applied . The curvature of the surface is necessary to periodically check the building level .


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