Quick steps if spilled tea coffee water on laptops

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What do you do if you spilled water or tea or coffee on your laptops?Were all exposed to this situation, the rapid disposition may help you to avoid unnecessary problems and some simple steps that you make, keep your laptops from any damage in case it spilled any liquids, and at the same time provide the money to buy another device in the event of damage.

Device may be exposed to direct malfunction which means that it may not benefit all the following steps, but you will need to be carried out:

– Close the device directly using the Play button (pressing it continued until the device shuts This is the fastest way).

– Disconnect the battery charger and direct him because they are so when you shut down the device allow the conduct of an electric current is simple.

– Use a vacuum cleaner or any suction machine you have to withdraw all the liquid .. Repeat the process more than once.

– Turn the device completely so Descent allow any fluids as possible and let the device at this position for 10 minutes.

– Then bring a dry cloth and wipe the liquid anywhere.

– Place the device in a place where the air and let it sit for a period of at least 6 hours.

Quick steps if spilled tea coffee water on laptops

– You need patience throughout this time and beware of trying to run the device before it if crashes do not need to panic, though not hang batch may cause holidays!

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