Recommendations preventive maintenance house

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Can not take care of your home for herself. The budget should include your monthly money for routine maintenance of the house and the garden and repairs. The plan set aside money for unexpected large expenses that usually occur with the passage of time in the house . Include spending on major internal and external painting , repairing or replacing heating and air – conditioning units and appliances , carpets , ceilings or roofs .

Housing experts recommend a book a year between 1 to 3 percent, the current value of your home to pay for maintenance and repair. Although there is no need to use these funds if your new home , you will help pay the expenses of cumulative amount significantly in the future , such as repair or replacement of the roof or replace the heating unit .

Keep your home helps to provide a healthy and safe , as well as growing private investment protection for money. It is much easier to prevent unsafe and unhealthy situations arise and structural damage , pay for medical costs or repairs.

Who is responsible for maintenance of housing ? The house is responsible for what is theirs . (Check the owner’s agreement if you live in an apartment ) .
Why you should do regular maintenance work ?

So as not to diminish the value of the property.
And usually sells well- house more easily and at a better price .
As well as maintaining the house more comfortable .
Frequent care reduces the opportunities for repair or unexpected expenses .
Prevent periodic reforms raise the cost of repair and maintenance.
Usually requires an agreement with the lender that the maintenance of good owner of the property to protect the financial interests of the lender.

Recommendations preventive maintenance house

What do you mean home maintenance ? Clean the roof and channels , clean or paint the exterior walls , cleaning floors and walls , vacuuming carpets, and remain in good condition sink and shower where the water that banks flowing freely construction , etc. …

What reforms household ? Replace broken glass in windows and doors, and replacement of panels , repair the cracked sidewalk or entrance or uneven, replace old faucets , fix broken railing on the stairs , etc. …

How often should do maintenance and repair work ? It must be done as soon as the necessary maintenance and repairs . Implement the recommendation ” good” to help prevent further damage and keeps repair costs increase . Check your home and yard comprehensive visits at least once every six months determining the necessary reforms .

Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs ? Homeowner who does his own maintenance and repairs saves money . To find out how to do maintenance and repairs , you can use your own :

Manufacturer of booklets on the care and use of recommendations and guidelines for the repair and cleaning products you use.
Brochures cooperative extension in maintenance and repairs.
Publication of ” yourself ” , which are often available , free of charge , building materials in the store or in hardware.
Books and videos for housing maintenance and repairs that offers many public libraries or stores .
A neighbor or a friend with experience.

If you can not repair , hire someone qualified and experienced . Ask your friends if they can recommend someone. To find the directory of competent technician check and reliable, and community newspapers or advertisements. Ask for a written quote , and do not pay in advance for maintenance or repair services .

Included in the category of your monthly budget for maintenance and repairs. If you need money in a month, deposited in a savings account to cover costly repairs that occur regularly with the passage of time in the house .

Frequent inspection and maintenance for your home will help keep the house in good condition and not be lowered . Perform maintenance and repairs when necessary also prevents small problems from becoming more serious and costly problems . The existence and follow the maintenance and repair plan for your home and will ease your work. Finally, the house , who said he makes a good maintenance will be more comfortable .

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