Reinforcement of the balcony slab Repair of the balcony slab

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balcony slab Repair The technical condition of any balcony must be constantly monitored, since the destruction of the balcony slab construction and the loss of its load-bearing capacity threaten dangerous consequences. And if you suddenly found chipped concrete , cracks, denudation of the fitting , it is necessary to carry out urgent repairs . And, just laying screed and get rid of the cracks will not be enough . Necessary to conduct reinforcement or summarizing the support arm under the plate ( they take over the main load).

Reinforcement of the balcony slab Repair of the balcony slab

Perform a strong reinforcement of the balcony slab Repair with metal rods with a diameter of 5 mm . Reinforcing mesh is going so that for every 1 linear meter of concrete had at least three transverse and longitudinal rod. In the clamped one end of the cantilever structure valve should be placed in the upper layer of the concrete mass . It is important that the reinforcement cage was in a mass of concrete at a depth of 5 cm in the right ratio of the number of fittings and components of the concrete mix is achieved strength of the assembly and the ability to carry heavy loads. To weld reinforcement cages used hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel circular periodic profile . Steel previously freed from rust layers , cut into rods and welded to the reinforcing frames .

When connected to the intersections of rebar must fulfill certain requirements :

– Rods for reinforcing the balcony slab -wire bonded or spot welding ;

– Steel rods bend axes classes AI, II, III and 40 mm in diameter is carried out with compounds joints lining extended seam welding.

Reinforcement of the balcony slab Repair of the balcony slab

For concrete balcony slab surface is cleaned of dirt and debris is cleaned fittings . recommended layer

Concrete – not less than 50 millimeters thick , and the density of the concrete mixture of 300 – 4500 kg/m3.

We add that the design of the balcony slab reinforcement consoles with special needs to be confirmed by exact calculations made by qualified personnel only design company having a license for this type of work.

Balconies in houses – slums, which were designed for the life of 15 to 20 years, after this time often become dangerous for further use. Therefore, repair of the balcony slab Repair – the only way to ensure safety, and not only his own, but also neighbors from below, if the balcony is located in a panel house on the second floor and above. Such repair implies either a complete replacement of the stove, or its qualitative strengthening. Sometimes the necessary changes in the design can be made with their own hands.

Repair of the balcony slab Reinforcement of the balcony slab

In brick buildings, the strengthening of the balcony slab is carried out by the method of pinching. In the outer wall of the building are buried reinforced concrete overhead and lining elements that form a niche for the balcony slab Repair. The edge of the slab adjacent to the outer wall is sure to thicken. In the case of brick houses, the entrance of the balcony slab to the wall turns out to be quite large. The plate is necessarily welded to reinforced concrete elements with the help of steel anchors.

In panel-type houses, balcony slabs are based on reinforced concrete structures with the use of floors. Strengthening the balcony slab Repair in frame buildings is performed by beam technology. In this case, there is no load on the wall of the building, as the balcony slab rests on the column console.

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