Remove ink from your carpet

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Remove ink from your carpet – You just put that new carpet, and you try to be careful , but someone spilled ink on the carpet . This can be a big mess or small. Difficult to replace the carpet or just throw it away and it is expensive to get a professional to clean it . You may have tried to hide it by placing furniture on it , but it still shows , or when moving furniture and cleaning , you must remember that you need to clean that spot . There is no need to be angry or sad, what a mess as there are to solve the problem , and they will not cost you a lot. With regular household items can get rid of this spot . There are many ways that the ink stain on the carpet can be removed and the following two are sure to work.


tools Required

Alcohol ( 90 %)
white fabric
paper towels
Vacuum ( Shop -VAC)
Wet cloth in alcohol and gently dab ink.
The application of vacuum to suck out the water and alcohol from the carpet.

Continue blotting the area until you see the stain is removed from the carpet or nothing appears on the fabric when blotting .

Use clean water to wash the area to make sure that the right to remove alcohol from the carpet .
This water can be removed from the carpet with a hand towel .

How to Remove Ink Stains from a Carpet

tools Required

Ammonia ( household )
cold water
White Paper Towels
Clean white cloth

Mix 1 tsp ammonia with ½ cup water.
Pour the mixture into a spray bottle . It is more convenient to use, and you can get the solution directly on the stain paint.
Spray it on the area making sure you do not soak the carpet with the mixture.

Blots were slick with hand towels , careful not to rub .
Spray fresh water on the area and blot with fresh paper towel to remove ammonia .
Use a clean cloth and dry area.

Remove ink from your carpet

Tips & Warnings

Try to remove the stain moment it happens , how long he says, and dry harder it will be to remove.
Test solution on a small area on the carpet, so that if a solution bleaches the carpet it will not be a large area and completely ruin the rug.

Do not rub the stain , as this will only make it worse .
If the above steps do not work , you may need to clean your carpet , as it can help a little more.

To help with carpet drying fan can be placed in the area and have reached high on the spot. Clock can also be used in the square.
If all else fails use of hydrogen peroxide on the ink stain and rinse with warm water . Dry with a hairdryer.

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