How to remove mold from clothes

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Types of patches that plague clothing

Stains from most things that spoil, disturb a lot of ladies, how many people they had to have many clothes to them due to stains, these stubborn stains, blood, ink, wax, mold.

How does mold on clothes

Mildew is the most difficult spots in terms of ability to remove them and where they look at clothes, horrible scene and nasty, and it’s a lot of germs that are harmful to the body if inhaled and smelled like bad breath, so often when watching mold stains on clothing, we get rid of them immediately without thinking about removed and put back into the closet, to mold spores are everywhere, the air is full of it, these spores generate mold if her conditions. Suitable for their growth. And mold are rather long strands of uncolored, takes its name later, when there becomes if spores it is divided based on their color; green and black mold mold. And don’t forget that there are some uses for mold-even if we have difficulty with this, as it helps in some types of cheese ripening.


Mildew occurs on clothing because of poor ventilation, especially in winter, mildew stains appear on clothing in the form of green yarn, because it is not a good washing ventilation by rain and the absence of the Sun appears, or by excess moisture in the winter air.

Ways to remove mold from clothes

We remove the maximum amount of mold on clothes soiled by a soft brush before you wash them, and then use a mixture of bleach and water to soak the clothing, you can add the vinegar to the mixture, and then get her into the washing machine and wash in the usual way using cold water.

Spread the clothes to sun exposure for the whole day, then washed in the washing machine in the normal way, and then republish it and expose it to the light again, and if it doesn’t work this way, we soak dirty clothes with mold with water for a whole night, then washed in the washing machine in the normal way and then deployed and exposed to sunlight.

You can use special detergents to clean mold on clothes in the market.

Be wary of mixing natural materials with materials that bring her from the market, because they may produce toxic gases hurt respiratory and perhaps lead to choking. And don’t forget that to have access to the mold stains clothes, must maintain ventilation clothing and exposed to sunlight.

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