How to remove wax from carpet

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How to remove wax from carpet – Often , after a romantic evening with candles held in your own apartment , you can find on the carpet stains congealed wax. If you do not know how to remove wax from the carpet , do not worry . This can be done quite simply :

1. With the knife, carefully clean off the mat frozen wax. Remove all wax crumbs.

2 . Remove from the freezer prefab ice and put it in a tight plastic bag. Attach this package to the wax spot , located on the carpet. Two minutes later, again clean the wax from carpet with a knife. Shake formed crumbs.

3 . Heat the wax stain on the carpet with a simple hair dryer. When the wax softens , blot it either cloth or a soft cloth.

4 . If after all the manipulation of wax stain is not completely clean, and put this place on a paper towel and iron it with a hot iron. Resort to this method can be only in the case if caught on the carpet colorless wax . If the wax was colored , then under the influence of hot temperature coming from iron , the dye will stain the carpet pile.

5 . Apply to cleansed from the stain of wax and lather with a brush designed specifically for cleaning carpet , well rub dirt place .

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