Renovated apartment bath

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Renovated apartment bath-The fascinating thing apartment renovation , bath and in the process has a special place . Capabilities of today’s market and a good imagination will transform the space into a paradise . Under the present pace of modern life, the bath became that place where you can meditate , relax, and just relax. Will it be comfortable and cozy , is largely dependent on planning decisions, lighting and colors.

Ideas to repair a bath in the apartment

Many people somehow believe that the bathroom can only be white , so the walls, bathroom fixtures , accessories pick whitewashed . Agree, in a bathroom is hard to relax , because it resembles the operating room. A color options and a great variety of solutions rather a combination of cold and warm tones . Warm colors also called approaching , the room painted in this color looks warm and comfortable , but smaller in size. Cool colors make it spacious . Stained plumbing and tiles are not necessarily the same , but quite the contrary , it is better if they are contrasted .

The bathroom is in contrast to other areas , need a bright light. You can arrange multiple fixtures , through which light will always be the same. Of particular interest is the outdoor lighting , it is possible to arrange with the sealed strong lights , the value of which about 5 centimeters. Coloured light of single elements of the interior , and saturate the highlight color.

Renovated apartment, bath sometimes associated with the transfer of utilities , because they violate its kind interior. Therefore, they are recommended to hide in the decorative niches . Important for comfort , and appearance, is the podium. Make out of it depending on the style and tile for steps to be non-slip .

In some apartments bath before small that the only solution is to increase the space association bathrooms. As a result, the space will become more civilized , and the use in the decoration of mirrors to visually enlarge the room .

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