Renovated apartment with floor to ceiling

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Renovated apartment with floor to ceiling

There is no person who is not a lifetime encounter with repairs. In connection with the improvement of materials, make repairs in the apartment you can with the latest technology .
Doing overhaul , do not forget to replace the window and door openings . Since the new with the old repair dilapidated doors or windows will not satisfy you in full effect and, in the near future , would have to go back for repair. A variety of interior doors in style and material is very large. Carefully read each option and make your choice . The door should fit perfectly into the interior. Window openings are often filled with plastic construction with glass . These windows look good , both inside and outside. Most importantly, they have the integrity and well keep heat inside the room.

Only after you have completed the replacement of window frames and door frames , you can proceed to the next stage of repair of an apartment .

Let’s start with the ceiling. There are a lot of ceiling systems. On what you opt for depends on your taste preferences .

In great demand in today’s construction market are stretch ceiling systems . They have excellent waterproofing , fit perfectly into any interior and complement it . Little , apparently , can visually make the room more.

Installation of suspended ceilings is made in specially warmed the room. The canvas is stretched on a metal frame and acquires its shape.

Renovated apartment with floor to ceiling

Suspended ceiling – it’s always handy and beautiful. Choice of color and texture is up to you .

As of today has become a very popular Venetian plaster, which is applied to the ceiling and gives it the effect of stretch . These ceilings are considered to be more practical and environmentally friendly.

And then, when finished repairing the ceiling , a smooth transition to the finishing of the walls . The most popular material for the walls for many years are wallpapers . This type of finishing material is different textures and , of course, the colors. Pick the wallpaper , depending on the purpose of the room. For example, in the hallway and the kitchen is better suited wallpaper warm pastel tones. In the nursery give preference to choose wallpaper in pale green or blue colors with animal print . To help you choose the wallpaper for each room, you can be guided by different directories. And remember that the walls have to blend in with the ceiling.

The flooring you can choose laminate , parquet, linoleum, carpet or floorboard . In any case, your floor will fab as it advanced materials that are widely used in the market. These finishes are very diverse and can mimic any surface. If you are free to hammer a nail , you should not be too hard to make packing himself, without attracting professionals, which will save your finances . Which material you choose depends on your taste preferences , as well as material resources . If you have pre- thought out interior design , choose the color of the floor covering , adjusting to it.

Someone will make their choice in favor of material that simulates wood , well, someone , for example , stone. In general, the choice is yours!
Once all the finishing work performed , your apartment , you can say , and put finished “turnkey” .

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