renovated bathroom pictures with before and after

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renovated bathroom pictures with before and after

Bathroom has a special place in a modern apartment . Due to the specifics of this room , spending renovated bathroom with their hands, have the skills and tiler and plumber. But should first make a design project , transferring your ideas on paper to facilitate the selection of the necessary materials and works .

Repair Tools bathroom

For high-quality and efficient repair should take care of the necessary tools , without which even the master can not do :

Special key to sink ;
pliers for tile ;
knife for cutting pipes ;
hacksaw ;
level ;
Tile ;
scrapers for leveling solution ( with smooth and serrated surfaces) .

Small bathroom Renovation

Removal of old tiles

Quite often, tiles on the walls are in good condition , replace it with a new no great need . You may need to replace only the damaged tiles. Well, if you plan to install a new bathroom , you will have to remove a number of tiles around the old bathroom .

Removal of old plumbing

The first step is to block the riser valves hot and cold water. Then dismantle and mixer taps . Spun pipes drain . Carefully disconnect , use a knife to cut pipe liner . Spun fasteners (brackets ) , fixing the sink, and remove it. Get rid of the mounting legs of the bath and pulled her out of the room.

If the bathroom is combined , it is necessary to remove the toilet. At first, the water is drained , spun inlet hose , remove the tank , remove the fasteners to the drain, disconnect the toilet seat from the floor and clean it out of the bathroom .

Fighting mold

renovated bathroom pictures with before and after
Feature of the bathroom is a constant heightened importance . And if not effective ventilation system, the probability of mold grows significantly. First appears on the walls of the mold , and then the ceiling. Because it not only spoils the appearance of the premises , destroying the surface but also causes severe harm to human health , it is necessary to eliminate it .

First of all examined the whole room , injury to the mold sections . These sites are carefully trimmed by removing all layers down to the wall surface. Treat bare areas with antiseptic solution , which is sold in DIY stores . After the solution is absorbed and dry, plaster treated areas .

To prevent mold in the future before laying tile surface should be further processed antiseptic . And of course , you need to take care of the device in the bathroom of quality ventilation.

replacement of pipes

Pipes are one of the “weak points” , so doing repairs in the bathroom with their hands usually have to change them. Old tubes are typically made of steel, which eventually corrode and their inner surfaces covered with a layer of lime deposits.

It is recommended to replace the steel pipe to plastic or metal . They are assembled without welding , do not accumulate lime , rust , much cheaper than steel pipes. But the lack of them – critical temperature, pressure and chemical composition ( chlorinated ) water.

For self-repair is better to use metal pipes that are:

bend easily ;
connected by a special screw fittings ;
resistant to high temperatures;
reliable and durable ;
suitable for both water supply and sewerage for communications.

During installation of new pipes , it should be provided that their joints are easily accessible , it is not advisable to patch up the walls. To connect to the main pipe using a special attachment . And again, the smaller joints , the lower the likelihood of leaks .

Color Bathroom

Most often, colors of walls, ceiling and floor of the room matches the color of the bath. But you can play on the contrast , for example , the walls of the bathroom done in shades of red and black colors to choose bathroom .

It all depends on personal preference. Most people opt for a soothing colors: shades of green , blue, pink , beige , white .
The walls and ceiling of the bathroom

In the vast majority of the bathroom walls are lined with tiles . But working with tile requires certain skills , without which it would be difficult for Newbies oblitsevat surface quality bathroom with his hands.

Very popular is lined bathroom with waterproof PVC panels. The main advantage of this construction material is the ease of installation , which does not use an adhesive solution . To install PVC panels made ​​crate, which is fixed on the walls , and it is already mounted panel.

Likewise come to finish the bathroom ceiling . Such a lining can easily perform even the amateur.

Bathroom floor

The most common material for floor tiling is a tiling . When choosing a tile floor should pay attention not only to its color and size , but also the texture of the surface. Shiny , shiny tile is better not to choose , as it is quite slippery , and in a high humidity environment is unsafe.

If the floor is yet to be made ​​of a tile , be sure to use the special anti-slip mat with dimensions equal to the dimensions of the room. It is recommended to opt for a tile with a matte rough surface on which there is no need to lay carpet.
Choosing a bath

Getting to repair the bathroom with their hands, care should be taken to acquire the basic element of the room – just the bath itself . Currently, the market makers offer a huge number of models of bathtubs, differing by:

material ,

Choosing a bath for your apartment , be sure to take into account the bathroom area , its shape , the presence and location of other objects ( wash basin, bidet, toilet, washing machine , etc.) . For smaller spaces better to abandon the bulkier models that occupy most of the space , turning the bathroom into a tight box. Very good option is a corner bath .

As a rule, the basic material for the bath is cast iron, steel or acrylic. Recently, most of baths – acrylic . They are cheaper and easier. But have a slippery surface , so you should take care of the purchase of a special anti-slip mat , especially if the family has young children and the elderly.

Cast iron bathtubs , though they have considerable weight , but they have a long life , they are durable , beautiful, stable and well retain the temperature of hot water. Steel baths are also strong and light , but the water is cold more quickly. In addition , choosing a steel bath , make sure that it will not sag under load.

Keep in mind that implementing renovated bathroom with his own hands , you need to think of ways to place all the elements to enjoy them was comfortable, convenient and secure.

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