Renovating the kitchen counter

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Not long ago I bought a counter to serve as support in the kitchen, when I was in the old house he also my discharge, but thanks to God now in the new House we have room for everything, so the old counter turned out to be part of the scenario for the videos and the place to save the dishes we use to do the photos.

But I didn’t want to leave it white with black as it was when I bought it and I always wanted a yellow bar that I think would make the scenario with more color and more cheerful, so I was thinking about how to do this without spending a lot and without having to do a lot of mess by sanding and painting, that’s when I thought of how much was set aside to wrap and found That’s right my beautiful, let him yellow would come out more expensive than buying a new one already in the desired color.

I didn’t up and decided to use all my few handicrafts and wrap myself, ran to the stationery store and bought 1 paper roll Contact Yellow Opaque with 45 cm x 2 m a scroll contact mahogany 45 cm x 2 m or be spent with the enveloping.

But I wanted to still leave him a little more cute and decided to change the handles to be more cute then invested in ceramic knobs that are a bit pricey, but that can be used in other furniture when you resolve to get rid of the old, which at the time was with promotion and each on handles but of course you can keep the originals or even buy other plastic handles or other material you want and be cheaper.

I used contact paper even contact brand because they are thicker and have the strongest glue, so far nothing has taken off even the corners that were cut short are firm and strong, but of course it all depends on your care in time to clean up, here at home he only accumulates dust then a cloth slightly damp is enough to leave clean.

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