Renovating an old house – old building

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Renovating an old house – old building

Restoring an old house should be considered new construction. Even if it is not to rebuild the main structure of the house , it is imperative to address the replacement of worn parts . Such investments obviously require sizable financial resources. However, thanks to special loans, the cost of the repair can be cushioned by long-term benefits .

Only a good organization can lead to the end of a project to renovate a house. The first task is to plan and draw yourself, a brief outline of what is expected of specialists who will do the work. To do this, we must begin with an inventory of the damage and to rehabilitate them in order of priority. Before starting the first work , it must pass through the stage of information about materials to use research : what are the most suitable and most economical , considering the brand, price and longevity each material. To facilitate this step , consulting journals is highly recommended. Once these preliminary studies are completed , proceed to the selection of the company will achieve rehabilitation. It is best to ask for quotes from several professionals to be able to compare prices of reconstruction. After you find the best price , go to the contract and start work .

Most of the renovation of an old house

Most often pardons that are at the top of the priority list are proven damage . Thus, it makes more sense to focus on finishing their renovation as soon as possible . It is generally a complete replacement of the roof , doors and windows, wall coverings , renewal of the framework , as well as the revision of the plumbing and electrical installation. It is also possible to work extension or modification of the architecture of the house during the renovation . All these works are only the basic renovations that make the house habitable .

Renovating an old house – old building

The renovation is fully complete until you have completed the finishing work and optimization. Nowadays , refurbish an old house to renovate is taking into account modern construction standards . A number of regulations must be observed that the old house meets the standards. These include the energy and environmental requirements in force, consisting primarily to save energy . Thus it is , for example, more than profitable to renovate an old house using materials standards of bioclimatic buildings . To do this, we need to optimize as much as possible , insulation systems and minimizing thermal bridges inside the renovated house .

Reduce the cost of renovating an old house

Most owners of older houses are sometimes taken aback even deterred by estimates far beyond their financial possibilities . However, when plans to make a renovation, it is essential to find the best financing. It is also possible to find a number of tips on how to lower the amount of the estimate .

Today, many homeowners opt for building a caring environment to receive a zero-interest loans and tax exemption. Thus , it is possible to renovate his house by purchasing an ecological 0% loan rate . To qualify, you must meet two main requirements : it must be home to renovate a primary residence and all renovations are to be performed in a predefined set of work by the State through zero interest loans . Almost all work related to insulation and heating a home are affected by these loans. It can also be financed by tax credits all work not eligible to receive a loan. This is the case of the installation of ventilation equipment , solar heating such as heat pumps, solar panels and the others. Rehabilitation with a tax credit can save up to 50% for certain categories of work .

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