flat roof repair cost how to repair flat roofs repair flat roofs leaks

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If not using expensive roofing materials, the average lifespan of asphalt roof is 15 years. If the tar paper roof sprung a leak, then repair it does not cost much and you can try to repair it yourself.

However, before you have to completely cover the roof on it probably will minor defects that you are able to fix themselves, which, in turn, will prolong its life. Your reluctance to engage the roof can cause water to leak through the roof and hit her on the rafter ceilings and rotting wood.

Removal of cracks and bubbles

For sealing cracks andremoving bubbles on the roof of asphalt you need bitumastic (construction bitumen). First sweep up all showered gravel around the damaged section of the roof. Use, if necessary, construction hairdryer to soften the top layer of roofing material and impregnation remove all dirt, moss, and what else solids debris. On eliminating cracks or crevices formed on the surface of roofing material, lift the edges, eliminating the bubble, make a crosswise cut through the middle of the bubble and the resulting lift the four edges. If you pick up the edges of roofing material connected seam, clean the area under them.

Once dry surface under the roofing material (if necessary accelerate the drying process building hairdryer), apply a coat of mastic bared portions of the roof and firmly onto the edge of the crack, bubble or raised seam using the same clip as upholstery for rolling joints. If the crack does not converge, then to enhance the repair area using a reinforcing pad of polyester or waterproof tape.

flat roof repair cost how to repair flat roofs repair flat roofs leaks

To eliminate leaks in the roof – even if it is wet or flooded with water – can be used certain compounds for emergency repairs flat roofs. For sealing holes on a wet roof (and to eliminate leaks in the waterproofing and gutters), there are rapid means of aerosol – read the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

If the surface of the flat roof of asphalt formed a few cracks and bubbles, as well as its poor condition as a whole, you can make it waterproof with or bitumen emulsion, or more durable and more elastic liquid (natural) rubber.

Before treating the roof fungicide (chemical preparation for destroying or preventing the development of pathogenic fungi.), Destroying any mold, it is necessary to sweep all the debris from the roof.

PATCH first hole on the roof, then put on the surface layer of asphalt mastic or liquid rubber, pouring it from the bucket on the roof and wiping with a soft brush or broom. All random spots and splashes are removed with a sponge dampened with solvent.

Some bituminous mastics applied in two layers – preliminary and final. All facilities of the liquid rubber based on a single layer applied, moreover, they are more durable because they do not lose their elasticity. When the film of a mastic or liquid rubber dries, apply a layer of gravel again. If the old dirty gravel or has lost its luster, use a new, purpose of these small stones on the roof – to reflect the sun’s rays and thus cool the roof.

Transverse joints between the roof and the adjacent surfaces

Connection between the edge of the flat roof and the wall of the house – a particularly vulnerable place, in case of damage which the water easily penetrates through the roof. It is best to shut this place down a lead apron that attaches solution between rows of brick masonry walls. If the termination of said shoulder joint cement used, and if the lead apron waterproof cracked, then the easiest way to fix them – is to apply self-adhesive bituminous waterproofing tape.

Depending on the task ahead, select the appropriate type of such a tape. Before you remove the protective paper layer with waterproof adhesive tape, clean the dirt from the surface to be sealed, and put on her coat any bituminous mixture, and then put on a joint tape and pushing it firmly – first fingers, then roll for rolling obojnyh seams. To perform this operation, wear thick rubber gloves because it’s a dirty job.

If necessary, the tape can be cut with scissors. In all places where lead apron waterproofing contact with the wall of the house, make a reliable cement screed, using a freshly prepared solution.

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