Repair induction cooker

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Repair induction cooker

Induction cooking already very popular in Europe and it will probably be very popular here in Quebec.

But how does it work?

Induction cooking works as follows: A coil placed under the plate to a magnetic induction field which transmits an electromagnetic phenomenon, an electric current to the metal of your pots and casseroles (called “induced current”).

The metal by its resistance to current heating (some call this effect “joule”), then this is the background of metal that gets hot and will cook your food.

The advantages:

-Induction cooking is 40% less energy than standard spiral elements.

-The Radiant allow savings of 15% to 20%.

-The gas stove on it consumes 50% less energy.

-The cooking surface of an induction stove is easy to clean because spills do not cook, so do not stick to the cooking surface.

The disadvantages:

-You may need to replace your cookware will. Because only cast iron, enamel and magnetic stainless steel, suitable for induction cooking. If a magnet sticks to your pan is that it is compatible.

In closing, you can still be green and keep your old stove by checking the seal of the door. If a sheet of paper snugly between the door and the oven, it means a door adjustment or replacement of parts is required.

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