Repair and maintenance of doors and windows

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Repair and maintenance of doors and windows

Important to do repairs and maintenance of doors and windows aphid before it is too late drawback, and it becomes difficult to repair , and in general the maintenance manufactures wood is extremely easy and where the purpose required of the doors and windows to operate easily and conveniently does not allow the entry of wind and dust to the apartment , if did not meet these requirements , it would be called to carry out maintenance.

Will be exposed in detail to the most important faults that can be fixed without the need for specialized carpenter :

A – If a voice from the hinges during the opening and closing

This requires not take off the door of his place , but can put a few drops of oil or a mixture of kerosene and cooking oil with a directional move the door in the opening and closing several times, and usually disappears completely after using audio door for some time.

B – If the door does not open easily and thus does not close easily

Door components

In this case, the door should be checked well and ensure the safety of the hinges and installed and the first thing that must be done is confirm linking the hinges , and can be done using a screwdriver.

Repair and maintenance of doors and windows

If the nails do not accept the linkage can be replaced with longer ones and well – connected , and there is another solution can be summed up in the work of a thin piece of wood to meet the previous place of a nail, and knock place after nails dipped in glue and you install the same hinge screws using a screwdriver .

Testing may be seen from the door after you install hinges well inadvertent contact with the ground and this could be a result of increased moisture content in the wood (as in bathrooms and kitchens, doors , especially in the winter).

So being the following :

Be peeled off the door of the place and leave to dry , then try .
If the fault persists it can use sandpaper to remove the increase until moving easily and conveniently.

If the door comes into contact with the ground and with a regular break above the door This calls for the development and Rose appropriate or thickness of the iron ring around each, male hinges to raise the door by the upper interval between the door and the throat .

Confirmation connecting screws to install hinges

If it touches the door , this is not based summoned to take off the door of his place , but being removed increases when the friction surfaces using sandpaper with his experience .

C – If the break occurred in one of the hinges

In this case must be done to replace the broken part by another of the same size, so by following these steps :

Be peeled off the door of his place , and decoding to be part substitution that unzip screws using a screwdriver .

The place is cleaned at the door or throat using a screwdriver or Chisels display appropriately and remove traces of paint .

Detailed part is installing new nails and screws advisable to use a slightly larger and using a screwdriver .

Be installed and the experience of the door.

D – If the door is broken or throat place Detailed

Detailed here is advisable to transfer the sound to the nearest place while maintaining the stability and integrity of the work of the door or the net.

To do so follow the steps as follows :

Detailed place are taught new pencil and the door in place, and especially the beginning and end of a detailed suite .

The door is off and dismantling detailed old and are taught to place the two wings of the new detailed along the old place using the ruler .

Using a chisel and hammer drilling work is desired depth equal to the thickness of the wing and experimenting .

Detailed being installed using the new nails by putting nail place for a distance and then wear it simple to connect screw place, and can facilitate the entry of screw-in place dunks tip in wet soap as easy tie using a screwdriver .

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