Repair of microwave ovens

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Repair of microwave ovens

We do not repair in the office microwave ovens, manufactured by Panasonic! But you can call the master at home , and it will fix the problem.

Microwave ovens are not so long ago rightfully included in the daily lives of virtually everyone. Regardless of family structure and way of life is a daily process of cooking tends to shorten the duration . Thanks so clever technical devices , it is now possible in just a few minutes to heat any food or drink.

But, buying equipment , most consumers think about its positive properties , but not on the reverse side of the coin . His first failure could plunge into horror , irreversibly damage the day and even at all undermine the credibility of the manufacturer or retailer .

You should not let the discomfort enter into your life and live in the house, because the repair of microwave ovens – it’s not that difficult , expensive and time as it may seem initially . The main thing – to clarify for myself some of the theoretical and practical aspects and to continue to continue to enjoy his assistant .

All microwave divided into the following categories : Electrical and electronic. They perform similar functions , but differ in structure and method of operation. Accordingly, it has both common problems and the individual .
When you need to repair the microwave electromechanical

If an item purchased at the official point of sale, having all of the documents for the products , quality certificates and performing the necessary conditions for delivery and storage, then it is unlikely that will immediately after the purchase to carry microwave service center.

A more compelling reason of a failure may be the process of use. Repair of microwave ovens may need electromechanical when :

Do not respond in starting;
The power turns off ;
Mains fuse burns out if the appliance door ;
Does not work inside the lamp that illuminates the camera ;
The door is jammed ;
When on an odor of burning ;
Mains fuse blows when the unit ;
Tech does not fulfill its basic function – heating ;
The loud sound work;
Heated strongly the case itself ;
Low temperature food;
The problems associated with the movement of the pallet ;
The camera is sparking .

If there is at least one of the above symptoms , requires the timely repair of microwave ovens Samsung, LG and Panasonic, in principle – the brand does not matter.

The causes of many problems , and if , for example, there is no light in the camera , you can replace the lamp by yourself , but in the event of arcing or burning smell should seek professional help at a specialized service center .
Repair of microwave ovens electronic type

When the microwave oven is not working , its owner has more to worry about . Of course , the cost of such higher order models , and the prestige and the method of using the so- pleasing before the “black” of the day .

Repair of microwave ovens LG, Samsung and Panasonic – business, requiring qualitative approach and specific knowledge . There is a happy problem that can be fixed and most. Almost every head of the family is not afraid to make repairs microwave oven at home. Yet much of the fault is more serious and requires professional knowledge and materials.

All that has been discussed about the microwave with electromechanical control also applies to the devices and the electronic control unit (excluding breakage associated with the timer .) But other than that there are a number of specific , particular faults that are unique to a microwave electron-type .

Repair of microwave ovens

Since there is a wide variety of electric control , it is difficult to identify any universal problem common to all furnaces.

Some typical faults are described in an article in the description of the respective schemes. Thus , repair of microwave ovens Samsung , LG and other brands need in such cases:

Mains fuse begins to blow ;
The keyboard does not respond when I press ;
Button “Start” does not work ;
The display is not working ;
Microwave does not heat .

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