Repair plan apartments

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Repair plan apartments – Scheduling of repair of an apartment – this is the first place to start with any repairs .

In this case it does not matter – what state apartments and what improvement you are going to do it the current repair or overhaul – it is important to make a plan of work to repair .

About how to make a plan of repair, what you should pay special attention to try to understand .
Although this article and should have been done before … Well , okay, better late than never. Let us now .

Why do I need to make a plan of repair of apartment ? What does it mean?

1. Even if you are going to make repairs on their own, drawings and sketches , such as transfer switches and sockets, help you to plan and accurately , without errors to perform the work .

2 . Scheduling of repairs will determine the exact amount of materials needed for finishing work . And you will be able to purchase them before the renovations.

3 . If you plan not just redecorating and redesign , it is especially necessary to make the plan work repair . Also need to turn to a professional  and book project documentation. Keep in mind that depending on the complexity of the tasks , drafting design project can be very expensive .
A renovation includes alterations to the apartment , most likely, will also require compliance.

How to make a repair plan

1. Necessary to survey the apartment. Make accurate measurements of the apartment , examined the condition of walls, ceilings, and electrical engineering services , as well as other elements.
If repairs to the apartment will make the master , the scan is better to accomplish with the repair and construction firm.

Also, if you plan to overhaul the possible redevelopment apartment , you will definitely need the permission of city services  for some types of work.
These work :
– Change the power supply circuit
– Dismantling and transfer partitions
– Transfer device and doorways
– Device and renovations of bathrooms and toilets
– The transfer of heating , plumbing and gas appliances
Required coordination of these works need , as they may interfere with supporting structures and utilities buildings, and, consequently, lead to the building of an emergency .

Repair plan apartments

2 . On paper, leave the design project . Design project will fix all the wishes on paper , before any repairs . Allow advance to “see” how it will look flat after repair.
Good design project – a pledge of future successful repair. It takes into account everything from general plans to the arrangement of furniture and lighting. Calculated all the necessary finishing materials necessary for the realization of ideas on paper into reality.
If you are going to do a little redecorating, you can stock up on relevant literature on design and daring – prepare yourself design project . But if you want , in accordance with his plans to make alterations , it is better to turn to professionals .

3 . Make a budget. Budgeting allows you to determine the cost of performing the work. Budgeting is especially necessary if you hire workers from outside. Calculation of estimates can be made as the project authors (you or organizations involved in the development and preparation of a design project ) and contractors invited to perform repair work .
Correctly composed estimate is a document that allows to get the exact cost of finishing and repair work. Also, thanks to it you can make some changes to reduce costs . For example, to replace some of the materials for cheaper or abandon expensive works .

In my opinion, it’s all the main stages in a plan to repair .
And when the repair plan apartments ready agreed and approved , you can safely buy finishing materials, commencing repair work and to equip your home .

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