How to repair the refrigerator or freezer?

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How to repair the refrigerator or freezer?

The refrigerator is an essential appliance in a home. ” A failure of this equipment is a serious problem that must be addressed at the earliest. Firstly , we must identify the design and operation of the device. Then we must find the source of the failure. Usually this default is either the heating or the cooling , either one of the control instruments .

Producing intense cold, a refrigerator keeps food efficiently. But it can also fail, which is why you need to know some tips to repair if needed .

A general approach to troubleshoot refrigerators

There is nothing more annoying than seeing a refrigerator break down, especially in the heat . The first thing to do in this situation is to check the date of purchase . When the unit is recently acquired , then it is likely that it is still under warranty . In this case , expenses incurred to determine the cause of the failure and repair resulting back to the manufacturer. Thus, consult the instructions for contact customer service . It will look completely reset the device into service as soon as possible . Otherwise, we advise on the type of refrigerator you are dealing with . Typically found three types of refrigerators on the market. The compression refrigerators have electrical compressors inserted in a cooler or freon gas circuit. These are quite popular models on the market. For people who travel a lot , we made ​​refrigerators Peltier . They are small in size and are powered by direct current. When dealing with compression refrigerators or Peltier effect , it is better to use a professional service for the rehabilitation of walking. Indeed, the breakdown of these machines requires very specialized equipment and is also very expensive. By cons , for absorption refrigerators heat can make a preliminary diagnosis for the restart .

Repair faults on the heat source

Absorption refrigerators consist of a heat source that heats a mixture of ammonia, water and hydrogen. These three components pass through a circuit where they produce the necessary cold to the device. When in front of a absorption refrigerator , it first checks if the heat source is still active. It is then placed at the back of the unit and will control its temperature. If it is around 60 ° C , this indicates proper operation, otherwise the equipment failure is at this level. In this case, we inquired if the refrigerator works with electrical resistors or with gas. Using an ohmmeter , we test the resilience of this resistance. If it fails, it will report its characteristics to replace the same. Are frequent electrical resistors 75 W, 85 W , 105 W and 135 W. For freestanding gas, check the operation of the gas burner and injector . The chimney of the burner should be cleaned regularly to avoid malfunction.

Repair faults on regulatory instruments

In freestanding electric absorption , regulatory instruments momentarily cut the current but not permanently. They maintain the cold temperature to a given value . There are generally three types of instruments on refrigeration appliances: the thermostat, the defrost timer and electronic cards type fuzzi logic . We proceed by elimination to identify which element is faulty . For this, we will directly connect the resistance of the power source and see if the hardware is working . If this is the case, is that the regulatory instrument is omitted down. When in front of a gas refrigerator , it is recommended to use a professional because of the high risk associated with this type of equipment .

Repair faults on the cooling

The failure of the cooling system are presented in two ways. In the first, a suffocating smell from the affected device . In this case , the cooling system that is pierced , and ammonia is then propagated . It would change the aggregate of the refrigerator before restarting . However, the price of the aggregate accounts for three quarters of that of a new fridge . The acquisition of a new device seems to be much more profitable by comparing summary price. In a second case , the aggregate circuit mouth . Then we will tap gently on the circuit with a mallet. With vibration , the refrigerator will restart easily.

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