Repair refrigerator

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Repair refrigerator

Your refrigerator is not cold enough, you hear a strange noise, freeze your vegetables, thawed the freezer, it seems to you that the refrigerator still works, or it does not want to start, your door does not close, you hear a beep , ….. Do not hesitate to call our technician.

-Good to know. To reduce the risk of damage to your refrigerator and provide better energy saving, it is important to vacuum the air vent of your device.

-For older models, simply cleaning the coils on the back of the unit.

For high-end refrigerators with the compressor on top of the device, it is best to call your technician, in order to clean the components.

-Check the owner’s manual to see how often the suggested cleaning.

-Please note that if you have pets, cleaning frequency will be increased.

Hint-way, there is no need to increase control of your refrigerator when it is hot in summer. Your device has a mandate to maintain temperature. He then offset by more frequent or prolonged operation.

Presumably, no need to thaw the unit once a year, since they all have automatic defrost systems. However, if you check the manual, the owner, some manufacturers recommend the thaw once a year.

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