repair of a remote control a few good tricks

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 repair of a remote control a few good tricks

When the remote is to fail , it’s boring . You can get up and manually operate directly on the machine, but many functions are unfortunately used with the remote control , where the problems start . It will then be necessary to make a diagnosis , to act accordingly. Sometimes changing the batteries only , other times , it will be handy , for example, and leave the soldering iron .

A remote control that does not work we brought back instantly to a bygone era. If there was the problem of having to move to change its programs, the case would not be so bad. But a key down, it is also and above all, lack of access to certain functions. Before the radical act of throwing the defective tool , it is good to seek the cause of the failure.

Diagnoses a failure and remote practice intervention

First of all, when a remote control fails, check the battery status. This may seem strange, but it is the leading cause of operation. If they were changed recently , you can be sure that the problem is elsewhere. The reasons for failure can then be varied. It is also useful to ensure that the problem affects both the remote and not the device itself . If a failure occurs after the fall of the object, it is possible that it comes from damage to the quartz. In this case , simply change it to a new one of the same frequency . If there has been no fall, you can take a look at the condition of welds , which, if necessary, will be redone. Sometimes the fault involves only a few buttons on the cabinet . In this situation, the problem is the contact sheet , which become dirty over time, no longer performs its role in conduction. This can be remedied by sticking small pieces of aluminum. Problem with the remote control may have come from different electronic components , such as transistors or infrared LED . To verify this, they are tested using the appropriate equipment . Sometimes the batteries have leaked , creating a contact oxidation . The application of a little alcohol restore conduction.

Use a universal remote

The universal remote has the particularity to control multiple devices . TV , stereo , DVD player, but it is also supposed to replace a remote control no longer works. However, many problems are encountered with this type of housing. Indeed , in many cases , such a remote control provides access to the most common functions, but becomes ineffective for programming functions for example. Even with the different codes , it is common that we may not be able to operate all keys. Recognized these problems , we can not really talk about reliability of these universal remotes.

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