How to repair the TV yourself

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How to repair the TV yourself – Nobody would argue that television – the most complicated electronic device . Of course, people did not wish to delve into the technical details of its arrangement , it is desirable to immediately call in case of breakage  or just take the unit directly to the service center .

However, those who gravitate to the art and not accustomed to retreat in face of difficulties , it can carry out the repair of television modern type yourself. Indeed, despite the fact that technology today has become more difficult, it nevertheless became and compact. This means that less mundane fault repair succumb even inexperienced wizard. Most importantly, to determine the damage. After all, to resolve complex faults require special tools and equipment .

Consider the example of frequently occurring fault dominion visual detection and removal with a screwdriver and a soldering iron . For example , let it be repair LCD TVs Philips . Key components of any LCD TV – the motherboard and power supply. Motherboard is better not to touch it, because without special knowledge can make matters worse , because this element belongs to the sphere of high technologies . But with the power supply can work .

Note that we are talking about LCD TVs , plasma TVs as repair takes a somewhat different view of the distinctive features of their devices .

Toshiba TV Repair – DIY TV Repair

So , remove the back cover , folding in a box all loosened screws . In some models, the rear and front panels are connected latches – open them better screwdriver and very carefully.
Power supply can be easily determined by the presence of the terminal to which is typically connected mains cable . By the way, sometimes the cable connects to the motherboard without a socket.

Carefully inspect the board and if the upper left hand corner you will find swollen capacitors on top of having cracks of which leaked yellow substance , then this failure in the language of professional video technician sounds like ” capacitors flowed .” General common symptoms of this ” diagnosis ” – the lack of response when you turn the TV off or spontaneous . However, other symptoms. As the ” treatment ” is recommended to replace all capacitors.

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