Repair your washing machine LG sensor

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Repair your washing machine LG sensor

In this practical tutorial you will learn how to solve a problem on your machine, which is unusual but very easy to fix, repair your washing machine LG sensor. Our washer last generation helps us to identify this problem thanks to its digital screen which displays us error code “LE”, which appears when the drum is not turning. This usually occurs when the sensor has released the cables on the back of your washer, or the sensor has stopped working. If reviewing wires still connected to the sensor, it will be necessary to replace it to repair the washer.

Remember that the first step is to disconnect the power to the washer, as we have already mentioned it in the past, is to prevent accidents and not allow us mobility. Then it should disconnect the washer from the water intake and drain any liquid content remaining in the drum. Finally you must separate or moving the washer to an area with space to work.

You must place an outlet of approximately 17 mm on the rotor bolt and turn it to the right hand, and when the rotor is in motion you can loosen it. When it is completely loose you can carefully remove reminds that it is heavy.

Locate brackets of the bottom left in the stator holding the cables in the back of the tub. The ground (green) wire and withdraw. Pulling the stator at the rear of the washer, press the tabs on the sensor wires and removed the sensor harness. Use a blade screwdriver to release the sensor.

Adjusts the sensor replacement, fixed stator again in the back of the tub, joins new account the ground wire, and ensures wires from the stator at the rear of the tub with the cable brackets.

Place the rotor in the stator, and insert the PIN in the lathe. Place the socket on the bolt and turn left with the hand, as the rotor rotates applies force to the bolt to adjust it.

Finally reinsert the rear panel of the washer, and reconnect the hoses in the back of the machine and plugged into the wall outlet. At the end, it only remains to make relevant and ready tests.

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