Repair of dishwashers error codes

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Typical malfunctions
In most cases, if there is a malfunction, users of dishwashers go to service centers. However, not in all cases it is justified, sometimes the problem can be eliminated with their own hands. Here are the most common faults:.

The machine does not collect water;
Water remains in the dishwasher and does not merge;
the dishwasher does not wash dishes and hangs.
Before you panic and call the master, try to resuscitate the machine yourself. If the machine does not flood the water, it is worth checking whether the water supply faucet is open. When the machine does not work (not turned on), then the outlet may fail, the replacement of which will solve the problem. In addition, the car may not turn on if the door is poorly closed. Before you call the master, you can also check the filters for clogging.

If these simple techniques did not help to restore the working capacity of the dishwasher, then you need to diagnose the nodes of the machine.

Bosch dishwasher errors

The German company Bosch was founded in 1886 by engineer Robert Bosch. Bosch is one of Europe’s oldest home appliance manufacturers.

Repair of dishwashers error codes

Today Bosch produces a wide range of high-quality appliances for the kitchen and home, incredibly popular all over the world and long earned trust.
Although minor malfunctions and serious breakdowns are infrequent, Bosch’s dishwasher errors are always described in the instructions for each of its models.

Bosch dishwasher errors are similar and not too numerous.

You can independently check external communications (connection to electricity and running water), as well as clean the unit. Repair and replacement of parts should be trusted only professional masters.


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