repair plastic bumpers by yourself

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repair plastic bumpers by yourself – Every driver who values ​​his life, health and integrity of the car, trying to drive carefully . But no driver is immune from accidents and injuries. Most often in different road accidents blow falls on the back or the front part of a car , as a result, suffers bumper. Due to the fact that modern bumpers are made mostly of plastic , then repair this element of the car will not be hard . The main thing to decide: to trust the professionals or do repairs yourself while selecting suitable materials for the repair of the bumper.


Bumper, as noted above, this element of the car , which is designed to absorb energy and mitigate the impact when a collision. However, do not forget about its aesthetic function – it gives not only finished but also an exclusive look around the car .

At one time bumper repair was carried out of a sledge hammer , jack , scrap and a blowtorch . But today everything is different : first study the material from which made the bumper ( depending on the material of the bumper is determined appropriate repair method ) and the final stage of repair are sanding and painting .

repair plastic bumpers by yourself

It is noteworthy that the bumpers of modern cars often come with a variety of sensors , such as alarms, airbags, Parktronic ( parking radar ) and rear bumpers – still cameras and long-range view. It also affects the choice of repairs.

It is worth considering that during the manufacture of automobile bumpers , the following plastics : polypropylene , polycarbonate , polyurethane, fiberglass. Therefore, if the bumper repairs will be carried out by yourself, then , first of all , you must have an idea of what the material was made specifically this element of the car to properly and efficiently carry out the work .

All the steps in a plastic bumper repair and paint

HOW TO car owners in case of damage BUMPER ?

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind – to buy a new bumper. When bumper badly damaged , this is the easiest way out of this situation. If the bumper only minor cracks or scratches , you can just carry a plastic bumper repair in the workshop or on their own. After buying a new bumper – a very expensive and hardly every motorist can afford it.

But everything else before buying this car parts repair has many advantages:

This is many times cheaper than purchasing a new bumper ;
It is faster because it is often necessary to order a new bumper and it can take almost a week , and spent on repairs from two hours to two days .

– We can not exclude the fact that ordering a new bumper in dubious company , you can get a fake or early renovated new bumper costs .

Plastic bumper repair can be carried out both locally and comprehensively. When local repair restore the damaged part passes without the need of its removal from the car . But a comprehensive approach , by contrast, involves the dismantling of the bumper , and after repairs , installation to its original place .


Renovation works bumper consist of such restoration actions :

Removal of cracks by gluing and sealing ;
Applying putty to smooth the surface of the bumper and grinding for perfect smoothness ;
Staining restored area , drying and varnishing .

To determine whether a repair is needed in a particular case , should have an idea of ​​the kinds of damage. Depending on the type of injury and subsequent repair of the whole defined by plastic bumpers .

Cracks – type of damage for which there is a break plastic or paint . Occurrence of cracks may depend not only on the quality and composition of the mother , but also a mode of operation .
In this case the repair is made by heat-sealing . The main thing in this repair – properly align the cracked parts. That is , you must return to its original shape bumper and weld the damaged parts that material which has a similar melt viscosity , and that the material of the bumper.

Scratches – this will damage the surface of the bumper material that resemble a longitudinal view of the furrows . For deep scratches characteristic damage and this should be considered when selecting the technology of repair .

When the scratches are not too deep , it can be quite easy to do the necessary work to repair plastic bumpers . Usually in order to carry out these bumper painting all or some of its parts. That is, carrying out works to protect the paintwork , give haze place next to the damage by applying a layer of varnish , after – laid primer and paint with lacquer, and crowning process is drying lacquer with a special lamp with a temperature index of not more than sixty degrees Celsius.

Dent – at this damaged bumper deforms and changes its shape , which is due to mechanical loading and heating . The result is a compressive or tensile deformed parts bumper dents and if deep enough , it can also occur and break the paint surface.

Bumper repairs carried out by heating. Repair minor dents on the bumper is quite simple, but with the proviso that the paint has not been damaged – for this special specifications dryer, which is able to heat the material of the bumper. During heating, the bumper becomes soft and with some effort , you can return to it original form .

When defined type damage , the recovery of the following options bumper can choose the most suitable .

Before repair work is worth an advance supply of such materials to repair the bumper as:

electrodes ;
reinforcing mesh of metal ;
metal plate ;
paints and varnishes ;
electric soldering irons ;
heat gun.
Following sequence of actions :

Soften the seam gap to a suitable temperature of melting by a heat gun or hair dryer maintenance .
Attach two of the cracks and weld them, while trying to maximize the alignment.

Directly on the seam and the surrounding area to put a reinforcing metal mesh to reinforce the seam and solder it to the bumper itself .

In place of repair apply putty , sanding it. After that – paint paint, varnish and dry .

Also, if some bumper spoiled , then do not be too hard to restore them. They can recreate from conventional electrodes or capacity to make plastic using electric soldering irons , attach to the bottom of the bumper mounting and securing it with a metal plate to prevent rapid breakdown in the future.

heating method

The right tools :

construction hairdryer ;
degreaser ( suit and alcohol);
polishing wheel;
Required Actions :

Bumper should be removed and thoroughly cleaned . It should not be anything extra , otherwise even small foreign objects affect the quality of work performed.

The next step is drying and degreasing procedure bumper surface. After seeing all the damaged areas of the bumper should outline the boundaries for themselves , requiring repairs.
After performing the above operations the next step is to heat the bumper using the dryer building . But we must remember that the faster the bumper to be heated , and the faster it cools. Also need to adhere to safety precautions in dealing with a hair dryer to get the opportunity to burn skin. When processing a certain part of the bumper , the heat should be on the inside, otherwise the paintwork can spoil even in those areas where repairs are needed .

When sufficient heat is produced , it is necessary to connect the cracks place . Further, with a grinding wheel to grind place fault . To ensure quality further painting , you need to achieve the highest level surface.

After purification from traces of grinding bumper can start the procedure of painting . Apply the paint and wait for its complete drying. After – once again covered with a layer of paint. When the second layer dries – apply a coat of varnish.

As a result , following a simple bumper repair technology , you can easily bring it in proper form .

When the bumper was only a minor scratch , then you can get rid of it quite easily. This can use the following method :

Feather sanding scratches place .
If the scratch is deep , you should apply a coat of putty . Thereafter sand .
Apply primer , then – paint and varnish . And at the end of dry repaired bumper special lamp , but avoid drying out , otherwise the paint can swell .

Bumper fiberglass sizing method

When the material is fiberglass bumper or hard plastic , the plastic bumper repair is carried out by this method.

Necessary materials for the repair of the bumper :

” Bulgarian “;
tape or a special glue (but not in any way , not home or building ! )
epoxy or polyester resin ;
fiberglass ;
putty , primer,
degreaser ;
paint, varnish .
Workflow :

Thoroughly clean and rinse the entire bumper.
Edit edge cracks. When the gap occurs , the cracks are formed at the edges of the filament material , that interfere tightly and accurately combine items . Therefore, these fibers sticking removed using ” grinders .”
After edging ” grinder ” should be suitable dock bumper elements together and fix them with glue or tape.
The following procedure – application prepared epoxy or ( more modern ) polyester resin on the crack and the area close to it .
Soak fiberglass above means and put it on the fault .
Apply layer after layer of glue and fiberglass until the patch until it equals the thickness of the bumper at the injury site .
After solidification of the glass must be addressed face of the bumper. ” Bulgarian” is V- shaped groove on the outside so that the edges of the fault converged to latke .
The resulting impregnated fiberglass fill recess until the final alignment.

When all the cures – produce grinding ” Bulgarian” .
Refurbished element bumper  , clean, degrease , primed in a couple of layers and color . When painting the bumper in body color, withered paint varnish in one , but you can in two layers.


After this bumper on the vehicle , and two or three weeks not to use high-pressure car wash .

The number of cars on the roads every year become more and speed increases. Naturally, even the most damaged bumper first-class car , anyway, annoying his view of not only the owner of the car , but the car is in the eyes of other road users , as a dangerous vehicle.

Due to time and quality repair work done to restore the bumper properly chosen materials to repair the bumper , the car will regain presentable.

Of course, if there is no relevant skills and desire to engage in self-repair damage to the bumper , it is better to apply to a good body shop and consult with experts on the restoration of the bumper cars .

With the right skills, tools and techniques to repair plastic bumpers, auto service workers will be able to transform this important element of the car efficiently, professionally and in which the most time. And as mentioned earlier, bumper repairs will be much more profitable than buying expensive new bumper.

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